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WI Power Plants
Plant Name
Alliant Energy Generation Operations LLCAlliant Energy Neenah WinnebagoWI373.2
Arcadia City ofArcadia Electric TrempealeauWI14.8
Argyle City ofArgyle LafayetteWI4.5
Badger Windpower LLCBadger Wind Farm Iowa CityWI30
Barron City ofBarron BarronWI8.6
Bio-Energy PartnersPheasant Run Landfill Gas Recovery KenoshaWI8.8
Bio-Energy PartnersMetro Gas Recovery MilwaukeeWI9.2
Bio-Energy PartnersOmega Hills Gas Recovery WashingtonWI10.4
Bio-Energy PartnersMallard Ridge Gas Recovery ErieWI2.4
Bio-Energy PartnersRidgeview ManitowocWI3.2
Black River Falls City ofBlack River Falls JacksonWI4
Calpine Central LPSherry Energy Center WoodWI0
Calpine Operating ServicesFox Energy Center OutagamieWI0
Cashton Village ofCashton MonroeWI3.8
Consolidated Water Power CoWhiting PortageWI5.1
Consolidated Water Power CoBiron WoodWI6
Consolidated Water Power CoDu Bay PortageWI7.2
Consolidated Water Power CoWisconsin Rapids WoodWI8.8
Consolidated Water Power CoStevens Point PortageWI4.8
Cumberland City ofCumberland BarronWI21.9
Dahlberg Light and Power CoGordon DouglasWI7
Dahlberg Light and Power CoSolon Diesel DouglasWI8
Dairyland Power CoopAlma BuffaloWI181
Dairyland Power CoopJohn P Madgett BuffaloWI387
Dairyland Power CoopGenoa VernonWI345.6
Dairyland Power CoopElk Mound DunnWI71
Dairyland Power CoopFlambeau RuskWI15
Dairyland Power CoopSeven Mile Creek LFG Eau ClaireWI3
Dane County Public WorksDane County Landfill #2 Rodefeld DaneWI2.4
Domtar Industries IncGeorgia-Pacific Corp - Nekoosa Mill WoodWI35.5
Domtar Industries IncPort Edwards Mill WoodWI13.6
El Paso Merchant Engy-MuskegoMuskego Energy Center WaukeshaWI0
Elroy City ofElroy JuneauWI2
Fennimore City ofFennimore GrantWI7.4
Flambeau Hydro LLCFlambeau Crowley Rapids Project PriceWI1.5
Flambeau Hydro LLCArpin Dam SawyerWI1.4
Flambeau Hydro LLCDanbury Dam BurnettWI1
Flambeau Hydro LLCFlambeau Lower Project PriceWI1.2
Flambeau Hydro LLCClam River Dam BurnettWI1.2
Fond du Lac Energy Center LLCFond du Lac Energy Center LLC Fond du LacWI0
Fort James Operating CoGreen Bay West Mill BrownWI135.8
International Paper Co-ThilmnyInternational Paper Kaukauna Mill OutagamieWI44.6
Kaukauna City ofKaukauna City of Hydro OutagamieWI4.8
Kaukauna City ofRapide Croche OutagamieWI2.4
Kaukauna City ofKaukauna Diesels OutagamieWI6
Kaukauna City ofNew Badger OutagamieWI3.6
Kaukauna City ofKaukauna Gas Turbine OutagamieWI18
Kaukauna City ofOld Badger OutagamieWI2
Kaukauna City ofCombined Locks OutagamieWI6.2
Kaukauna City ofLittle Chute OutagamieWI3.3
La Farge Municipal Electric CoLa Farge VernonWI1.5
LCO HydroLAC Courte Oreilles Hydroelect SawyerWI3.4
LSP-Whitewater LPCogentrix Whitewater Cogen Facility JeffersonWI283.3
Madison Gas and Electric CoWest Marinette MarinetteWI83
Madison Gas and Electric CoSycamore DaneWI41.6
Madison Gas and Electric CoFitchburg DaneWI57.6
Madison Gas and Electric CoWest Campus Cogen DaneWI0
Madison Gas and Electric CoNine Springs DaneWI16.2
Madison Gas and Electric CoWind Turbine KewauneeWI11
Madison Gas and Electric CoDiesel Generators DaneWI54
Madison Gas and Electric CoBlount Street DaneWI187.5
Manitowoc Public UtilitiesManitowoc ManitowocWI90
Manitowoc Public UtilitiesCuster Energy Center ManitowocWI24.5
Marathon Electric CoMarathon Electric MarathonWI3.3
Menasha City ofMenasha WinnebagoWI22.1
Mid-America Power LLCE J Stoneman Station GrantWI53
Midwest Power LLCNew Berlin Peaking Project WaukeshaWI0
Midwest Power LLCMuskego Peaking Project WaukeshaWI0
Milwaukee Metro Sewerage DistMMSD Jones Island Wastewater MilwaukeeWI35
Milwaukee Metro Sewerage DistMMSD South Shore Wastewater MilwaukeeWI1.5
Minergy Neenah LLCMinergy Neenah WinnebagoWI6.5
Minnesota Power IncSuperior Generation Energy Center DouglasWI0
Mirant Portage County LLCMirant Portage County LLC PortageWI0
Mosinee Paper CorpMosinee Paper MarathonWI23.4
N E W Hydro IncOconto Falls Lower OcontoWI2
N E W Hydro IncOconto Falls Upper OcontoWI1.1
N E W Hydro IncPark Mill MarinetteWI2.1
Navitas EnergyHurley Plant IronWI0
Navitas EnergyGingles Plant DouglasWI0
New Lisbon City ofNew Lisbon JuneauWI4.3
North Central Power Co IncWinter SawyerWI5.6
North Central Power Co IncGrimh SawyerWI1.1
Northern States Power CoMenomonie DunnWI5.4
Northern States Power CoBig Falls RuskWI9
Northern States Power CoCornell ChippewaWI30.8
Northern States Power CoWhite River AshlandWI1
Northern States Power CoWissota ChippewaWI35.8
Northern States Power CoFrench Island La CrosseWI188.9
Northern States Power CoThornapple RuskWI1.4
Northern States Power CoJim Falls ChippewaWI50.2
Northern States Power CoApple River St CroixWI2.4
Northern States Power CoWheaton ChippewaWI322
Northern States Power CoLadysmith RuskWI3.9
Northern States Power CoHolcombe ChippewaWI33.9
Northern States Power CoSt Croix Falls PolkWI23.2
Northern States Power CoCedar Falls DunnWI6
Northern States Power CoFlambeau PriceWI16
Northern States Power CoTrego WashburnWI1.2
Northern States Power CoDells Eau ClaireWI9.6
Northern States Power CoBay Front AshlandWI68
Northern States Power CoChippewa Falls ChippewaWI21.6
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec CoFrederic Diesel PolkWI13.7
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec CoDanbury Diesel BurnettWI7.8
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec CoGrantsburg Diesel BurnettWI4.6
Oconto Electric CoopStiles OcontoWI1
Onyx Glacier Ridge Landfill LLCSuperior Glacier Ridge Landfill DodgeWI2
Outagamie CountyOutagamie County Co-Generation Facility OutagamieWI2.4
Packaging Corp of AmericaPackaging of America Tomahawk Mill LincolnWI18.7
River Falls City ofJunction PierceWI20.3
Rock River Energy LLCRiverside Energy Center RockWI695.7
RockGen Energy LLCRockGen Energy Center DaneWI561
Smart PapersFraser Paper PriceWI5.7
State of WisconsinCapitol Heat and Power DaneWI3
State of WisconsinWaupun Correctional Central Heating Plt DodgeWI2
State of WisconsinUniv of Wisc Madison Charter Sreet Plant DaneWI9.7
Stora Enso North AmericaBiron Mill WoodWI61.6
Stora Enso North AmericaStevens Point Mill PortageWI7.6
Stora Enso North AmericaNiagara Mill MarinetteWI24.5
Stora Enso North AmericaKimberly Mill OutagamieWI37.3
Stora Enso North AmericaWisconsin Rapids Paper Mill WoodWI20.8
Stora Enso North AmericaWhiting Mill PortageWI3.1
Stora Enso North AmericaWisconsin Rapids Pulp Mill WoodWI72.3
Viola Village ofViola RichlandWI2.9
Washington Island El Coop IncWashington Island DoorWI5
WAUSAU PaperRhinelander Mill OneidaWI25.3
Weyerhaeuser Co-RothschildWeyerhaeuser Rothschild WI MarathonWI9.4
Winnebago CountyWinnebago County Landfill Gas WinnebagoWI2.7
Wisconsin Electric Power CoAppleton OutagamieWI2.9
Wisconsin Electric Power CoGermantown WashingtonWI351.7
Wisconsin Electric Power CoByron Fond Du LacWI1.2
Wisconsin Electric Power CoPort Washington Generating Station OzaukeeWI339.6
Wisconsin Electric Power CoValley MilwaukeeWI274.7
Wisconsin Electric Power CoPoint Beach ManitowocWI1072.6
Wisconsin Electric Power CoConcord JeffersonWI381.2
Wisconsin Electric Power CoMilwaukee County MilwaukeeWI11
Wisconsin Electric Power CoPleasant Prairie KenoshaWI1235
Wisconsin Electric Power CoParis KenoshaWI381.2
Wisconsin Electric Power CoElm Road Generating Station MilwaukeeWI0
Wisconsin Electric Power CoSouth Oak Creek MilwaukeeWI1211.2
Wisconsin Electric Power CoBrule FlorenceWI6.7
Wisconsin Electric Power CoPine FlorenceWI4
Wisconsin Power and Light CoNelson Dewey GrantWI200
Wisconsin Power and Light CoColumbia ColumbiaWI1023
Wisconsin Power and Light CoPrairie Du Sac SaukWI28.4
Wisconsin Power and Light CoBerlin Green LakeWI2.4
Wisconsin Power and Light CoSouth Fond Du Lac Fond Du LacWI344
Wisconsin Power and Light CoSheboygan Falls SheboyganWI0
Wisconsin Power and Light CoEdgewater SheboyganWI770
Wisconsin Power and Light CoSheepskin RockWI40
Wisconsin Power and Light CoRock River RockWI294
Wisconsin Power and Light CoKilbourn ColumbiaWI8.2
Wisconsin Power and Light CoBlackhawk RockWI50
Wisconsin Public Power IncWPPI Hartford DG WashingtonWI0
Wisconsin Public Power IncIsland Street Peaking Plant OutagamieWI60.5
Wisconsin Public Service CorpMerrill LincolnWI2.3
Wisconsin Public Service CorpHigh Falls MarinetteWI7
Wisconsin Public Service CorpEagle River VilasWI4
Wisconsin Public Service CorpTomahawk LincolnWI2.6
Wisconsin Public Service CorpAlexander LincolnWI4.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpCaldron Falls MarinetteWI6.4
Wisconsin Public Service CorpHat Rapids OneidaWI2.6
Wisconsin Public Service CorpWeston MarathonWI564.6
Wisconsin Public Service CorpOneida Casino BrownWI4
Wisconsin Public Service CorpKewaunee KewauneeWI535
Wisconsin Public Service CorpGrandfather Falls LincolnWI17.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpPulliam BrownWI493.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpJohnson Falls MarinetteWI3.4
Wisconsin Public Service CorpDe Pere Energy Center BrownWI187.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpWest Marinette MarinetteWI167.1
Wisconsin Public Service CorpLincoln Turbines KewauneeWI9.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpGlenmore Turbines BrownWI1.2
Wisconsin Public Service CorpPotato Rapids MarinetteWI1.3
Wisconsin Public Service CorpSandstone Rapids MarinetteWI3.8
Wisconsin Public Service CorpWausau MarathonWI5.4
Wisconsin River Power CoJuneau JuneauWI17.9
Wisconsin River Power CoPetenwell JuneauWI20
Wisconsin River Power CoCastle Rock AdamsWI15
WPS Power DevelopementCombined Locks Energy Center OutagamieWI53
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