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SC Power Plants
Plant Name
Abbeville City ofRocky River AbbevilleSC3.7
Aquenergy Systems IncWare Shoals Hydro Project LaurensSC6.2
Aquenergy Systems IncPiedmont Hydro Power Project GreenvilleSC1
Bob Jones UniversityBob Jones University Cogen Plant GreenvilleSC4.4
Broad River Energy LLCBroad River Energy Center CherokeeSC985
Carolina Power and Light CoDarlington County DarlingtonSC1045.8
Carolina Power and Light CoH B Robinson DarlingtonSC991.5
Cherokee Falls AssociatesCherokee Falls CherokeeSC4.3
Columbia Energy LLCColumbia Energy Center CalhounSC684
Converse Energy IncClifton Dam 3 Power Station SpartanburgSC1.2
Duke Energy CorpWylie YorkSC60
Duke Energy CorpFishing Creek ChesterSC42.3
Duke Energy CorpGaston Shoals CherokeeSC6.7
Duke Energy CorpRocky Creek FairfieldSC28
Duke Energy CorpJocassee PickensSC612
Duke Energy CorpCedar Creek LancasterSC45
Duke Energy CorpDearborn ChesterSC45
Duke Energy CorpW S Lee AndersonSC460.3
Duke Energy CorpMill Creek CherokeeSC799.2
Duke Energy CorpWateree KershawSC56
Duke Energy CorpBuzzard Roost GreenwoodSC212.6
Duke Energy CorpCatawba YorkSC2410.2
Duke Energy Corp99 Islands CherokeeSC18
Duke Energy CorpGreat Falls ChesterSC24
Duke Energy CorpBad Creek OconeeSC1065.2
Duke Energy CorpOconee OconeeSC2666.7
Duke Energy CorpKeowee PickensSC157.6
FPL Energy Operating Serv IncCherokee County Cogen CherokeeSC101.2
GenPower Anderson LLCGenPower Anderson LLC AndersonSC0
Greenville Generating Co LLCGreenville Generating Facility GreenvilleSC0
International Paper Co-EastovrInternational Paper Eastover Facility RichlandSC109.6
International Paper Co-GT MillInternational Paper Georgetown Mill GeorgetownSC95.6
InvistaCamden South Carolina KershawSC30
Lockhart Power CoLockhart UnionSC18
Montenay Charleston RRICharleston Resource Recovery Facility CharlestonSC13
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLCHollidays Bridge Hydro AndersonSC4
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLCSaluda GreenvilleSC2.4
Northbrook Carolina Hydro LLCBoyds Mill Hydro GreenvilleSC1.4
Orangeburg City ofNorth Road Peak OrangeburgSC14
Orangeburg City ofRowesville Rd Plant OrangeburgSC9.6
Pelzer Hydro Co IncPelzer Lower AndersonSC3.3
Pelzer Hydro Co IncPelzer Upper AndersonSC2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoNA 5 NOT IN FILESC0
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoNeal Shoals UnionSC5.2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoUS DOE Savannah River Site (D Area) AikenSC78.2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoMcMeekin LexingtonSC293.6
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoCope OrangeburgSC417.3
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoCogen South CharlestonSC99.2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoColumbia RichlandSC10.6
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoSaluda LexingtonSC197.5
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoBurton BeaufortSC34.5
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoJasper JasperSC875
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoUrquhart AikenSC561.5
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoCoit GT RichlandSC39.2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoNA 8 NOT IN FILESC0
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoHardeeville JasperSC16.3
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoCanadys Steam ColletonSC489.6
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoParr GT FairfieldSC74
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoParr Hydro FairfieldSC14.4
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoWateree RichlandSC771.8
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoNA 1 NOT IN FILESC0
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoFairfield Pumped Storage FairfieldSC511.2
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoFaber Place CharlestonSC11.5
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoHagood CharlestonSC122
South Carolina ElectricandGas CoV C Summer FairfieldSC953.9
South Carolina Genertg Co IncWilliams BerkeleySC686.5
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthRichland County Landfill RichlandSC0
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthWebb Forging UnionSC2.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthHorry Land Fill Gas Site HorrySC3.1
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthMyrtle Beach HorrySC111.5
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthThermal Kem YorkSC2.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthSediver YorkSC0
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthCross BerkeleySC1147.1
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthDolphus M Grainger HorrySC163.2
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthValenite OconeeSC2.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthHilton Head BeaufortSC117.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthWinyah GeorgetownSC1260
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthCornell Dubilier PickensSC2.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthHonea Path AbbevilleSC2.9
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthJohn S Rainey AndersonSC1102
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthAnderson Regional Landfill AndersonSC0
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthLee County Landfill LeeSC0
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthJefferies BerkeleySC578.2
South Carolina Pub Serv AuthSpillway BerkeleySC2
Spartanburg Commissioners PWSpartanburg Water System SpartanburgSC2.6
Stone Container Enterprises IncStone Container Florence Mill FlorenceSC107.6
US Army Corps of EngineersSt Stephen BerkeleySC84
USCE-Savannah DistrictJ Strom Thurmond McCormickSC320
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Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs
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