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OH Power Plants
Plant Name
AE Operations LLCMingo Junction Energy Center JeffersonOH32
Akron Thermal LPAkron Recycle Energy Plant SummitOH4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncJackson JacksonOH3.6
American Mun Power-Ohio IncOrrville Peaking WayneOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncBowling Green Generating Station WoodOH49.5
American Mun Power-Ohio IncVersailles Peaking DarkeOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncBowling Green Peaking WoodOH32
American Mun Power-Ohio IncGalion CrawfordOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncJackson Cntr Peaking ShelbyOH1.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncNapoleon Peaking HenryOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncArcanum Peaking DarkeOH1.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncBryan Peaking WilliamsOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncCleveland Peaking CuyahogaOH10.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncProspect Municipal MarionOH1.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncMontpelier WilliamsOH10.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncNapoleon HenryOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncGalion Generating Station CrawfordOH49.5
American Mun Power-Ohio IncBowling Green WoodOH8.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncEdgerton ButlerOH3.6
American Mun Power-Ohio IncSeville MedinaOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncShelby North RichlandOH1.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncWadsworth MedinaOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncDover Peaking TuscarawasOH10.8
American Mun Power-Ohio IncRichard Gorsuch WashingtonOH200
American Mun Power-Ohio IncNapoleon Peaking Station HenryOH49.5
American Mun Power-Ohio IncBowling Green Wind WoodOH7.2
American Mun Power-Ohio IncNiles TrumbullOH5.4
American Mun Power-Ohio IncWellington LorainOH1
American Mun Power-Ohio IncEngle SummitOH9
American Mun Power-Ohio IncHamilton Peaking ButlerOH32
Aquila Muskingum Cnty Pwr LLCAquila Muskingum Energy Center MuskingumOH0
Arcanum City ofArcanum DarkeOH1.2
Bryan City ofBryan WilliamsOH39.3
Bryan City ofAuglaize Hydro DefianceOH4.8
Calpine CorpFremont Energy Center SanduskyOH0
Caraustar Industries IncRittman Paperboard WayneOH14
Cardinal Operating CoCardinal JeffersonOH1880.4
Cincinnati Gas and Electric CoMiami Fort HamiltonOH1444
Cincinnati Gas and Electric CoWalter C Beckjord ClermontOH1432.9
Cincinnati Gas and Electric CoDicks Creek ButlerOH159.1
Cincinnati Gas and Electric CoWoodsdale ButlerOH489.6
Cincinnati Gas and Electric CoW H Zimmer ClermontOH1425.6
Cleveland City ofCollinwood CuyahogaOH16
Cleveland City ofWest 41st Street CuyahogaOH32
Cleveland City ofLake Road CuyahogaOH160
Cleveland Electric Illuminating CoAshtabula AshtabulaOH440
Cleveland Electric Illuminating CoEastlake LakeOH1289
Cleveland Electric Illuminating CoPerry LakeOH1311.6
Cleveland Electric Illuminating CoLake Shore CuyahogaOH260
Columbus City ofO'Shaughnessy Hydro FranklinOH5.2
Columbus City ofRefuse and Coal FranklinOH90
Columbus Southern Power CoConesville CoshoctonOH2174.8
Columbus Southern Power CoPicway PickawayOH106.2
Dayton Power and Light CoSidney ShelbyOH13.5
Dayton Power and Light CoYankee Street MontgomeryOH125.5
Dayton Power and Light CoO H Hutchings MontgomeryOH446.6
Dayton Power and Light CoKillen Station AdamsOH686.5
Dayton Power and Light CoMonument MontgomeryOH13.5
Dayton Power and Light CoFrank M Tait MontgomeryOH319.4
Dayton Power and Light CoJ M Stuart AdamsOH2451.6
Dispersed Generating Company LLCWadsworth Generating Station MedinaOH0
Dominion Dresden Inc.Dresden Energy Facility MuskingumOH0
Dominion Troy Inc.Troy Energy LLC WoodOH688
Dover City ofDover TuscarawasOH53.6
DPL Energy LLCHarrod Electric Generating Station AllenOH0
DPL Energy LLCTait Electric Generating Station MontgomeryOH376
DPL Energy LLCDarby Electric Generating Station PickawayOH564
DPL Energy LLCGreenville Electric Generating Station DarkeOH236
Duke Energy Hanging Rock LLCHanging Rock Energy Facility LawrenceOH1288
Duke Energy Washington LLCWashington Energy Facility WashingtonOH600
Genoa Village ofGenoa Diesel Generating Station OttawaOH6
Goodyear Tire and Rubber CoGoodyear Power Plant SummitOH40
Hamilton City ofGreenup Hydro SciotoOH70.2
Hamilton City ofHamilton Hydro ButlerOH2.2
Hamilton City ofHamilton ButlerOH138.1
Hoge Lumber CoHoge Lumber AuglaizeOH3.7
ISG Cleveland IncISG Cleveland Works CuyahogaOH45
Jackson County Generating LLCBloomfield Power Generating Facility JacksonOH0
Jackson County Power LLCJackson JacksonOH0
Lawrence Energy Center LLCLawrence Energy Center LawrenceOH0
Lebanon City ofLebanon WarrenOH33.7
Lima Energy CoLima Energy AllenOH0
MeadWestvaco CorpMW Custom Papers RossOH92.8
MEP Investments LLCAquila Metamora Energy Center FultonOH0
Mill's Pride LPMills Pride PikeOH1
Minnesota Methane LLCCuyahoga Regional Landfill CuyahogaOH3.8
Morton Salt Co-Morton Intl IncMorton Salt Rittman WayneOH1.5
National Power Coop IncRobert P Mone Plant Van WertOH594
New Knoxville Village ofNew Knoxville AuglaizeOH1.1
Oberlin City ofOberlin LorainOH21.9
Ohio Edison CoEdgewater LorainOH171.2
Ohio Edison CoR E Burger BelmontOH548.3
Ohio Edison CoToronto JeffersonOH173
Ohio Edison CoW H Sammis JeffersonOH2468.1
Ohio Edison CoWest Lorain LorainOH555.6
Ohio Edison CoMad River ClarkOH54
Ohio Power CoRacine MeigsOH47.4
Ohio Power CoGeneral James M Gavin GalliaOH2600
Ohio Power CoMuskingum River WashingtonOH1529.4
Ohio State UniversityMcCracken Power Plant FranklinOH8.1
Ohio UniversityOhio University Facilities Management AthensOH1
Ohio Valley Electric CorpKyger Creek GalliaOH1086
Orion Power Holdings IncNiles TrumbullOH285
Orion Power Holdings IncAvon Lake LorainOH870
Orrville City ofOrrville WayneOH84.5
Painesville City ofPainesville LakeOH53.5
Piqua City ofPiqua MiamiOH81.1
Procter and Gamble CoProcter and Gamble Cincinnati Plant HamiltonOH12.5
PSEG Waterford Energy LLCPSEG Waterford Energy Facility WashingtonOH921.6
PSI Energy IncMadison ButlerOH683.2
Rolling Hills Generating LLCRolling Hills Generating LLC VintonOH800
Sauder Woodworking CoSauder Power Plant FultonOH7.2
Shelby City ofShelby Municipal Light Plant RichlandOH40
Shelby City ofShelby South RichlandOH1.8
St Marys City ofSt Marys AuglaizeOH41.8
Stone Container CorpStone Container Coshocton Mill CoshoctonOH16.5
Sun Premium Paper Advisors LLCSmart Papers LLC ButlerOH25.5
Sunoco IncSunoco Toledo Ref Power Recovery Train LucasOH6
Toledo Edison CoBay Shore LucasOH655.4
Toledo Edison CoRichland DefianceOH450
Toledo Edison CoDavis Besse OttawaOH925.2
Toledo Edison CoStryker WilliamsOH19
Toledo Edison CoAcme LucasOH72
Trigen-Cinergy Sol. - Ashtabula LLCAshtabula AshtabulaOH26.1
WCI Steel IncWCI Steel TrumbullOH20.5
Woodsfield City ofAnadarko MonroeOH7.8
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Power Plant Jobs
Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs
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