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MO Power Plants
Plant Name
Albany City ofAlbany GentryMO6.2
Ameren Energy Generating CoColumbia Energy Center BooneMO162.8
Anheuser-Busch IncAnheuser Busch St Louis St Louis CityMO26.1
Aquila Inc.Greenwood JacksonMO244
Aquila Inc.Sibley JacksonMO524
Aquila Inc.Lake Road BuchananMO273.3
Aquila Inc.South Harper CassMO0
Aquila Inc.Ralph Green CassMO74
Aquila Inc.Nevada VernonMO22
Aquila Inc.Kansas City International PlatteMO36
Aquila Merchant ServicesAries II Energy Center CassMO0
Associated Electric Coop IncHolden JohnsonMO274.2
Associated Electric Coop IncThomas Hill RandolphMO1135
Associated Electric Coop IncSt Francis Energy Facility DunklinMO578
Associated Electric Coop IncNodaway NodawayMO207.2
Associated Electric Coop IncEssex StoddardMO121.2
Associated Electric Coop IncNew Madrid New MadridMO1200
Associated Electric Coop IncUnionville PutnamMO46
Bethany City ofBethany HarrisonMO8
Bethany City ofBethany II HarrisonMO1.6
Butler City ofButler BatesMO13.1
Campbell City ofCampbell City DunklinMO6.5
Carrollton Board of Public WksCarrollton CarrollMO24
Carthage City ofCarthage JasperMO41.8
Central Electric Power CoopChamois OsageMO59
Chillicothe City ofChillicothe LivingstonMO103.5
Columbia City ofColumbia BooneMO94.6
Duke Energy Bollinger LLCBollinger Generating Station BollingerMO0
Empire District Electric CoOzark Beach TaneyMO16
Empire District Electric CoAsbury JasperMO231.5
Empire District Electric CoEmpire Energy Center JasperMO368
Empire District Electric CoState Line Combined Cycle JasperMO659
Fayette City ofFayette HowardMO10.9
Fulton City ofFulton CallawayMO38.2
Gallatin City ofGallatin #2 DaviessMO3.6
Gallatin City ofGallatin DaviessMO7.2
Hercules IncorporatedHercules Missouri Chemical Works PikeMO18.6
Higginsville City ofHigginsville LafayetteMO51.6
Independence City ofJackson Square JacksonMO36
Independence City ofStation H JacksonMO43
Independence City ofMissouri City ClayMO46
Independence City ofStation I JacksonMO38
Independence City ofBlue Valley JacksonMO176
Jackson City ofJackson Cape GirardeauMO22.3
Kahoka City ofKahoka ClarkMO7.4
Kansas City Power and Light CoIatan PlatteMO726
Kansas City Power and Light CoHawthorn JacksonMO1071.1
Kansas City Power and Light CoNortheast JacksonMO486
Kansas City Power and Light CoMontrose HenryMO564
Kansas City Power and Light CoGrand Avenue JacksonMO83.2
Kennett City ofKennett DunklinMO44.5
Kinder Morgan Missouri LLCCape Girardeau Power Facility Cape GirardeauMO0
La Plata City ofLa Plata MaconMO4.9
Macon City ofMacon MaconMO11.2
Macon City ofMacon Energy Center MaconMO10
Macon City ofSub 3 Generating Station MaconMO7.2
Macon City ofSub 2 Generating Station MaconMO3.6
Malden City ofMalden DunklinMO17.3
Marceline City ofMarceline LinnMO9.6
Marshall City ofMarshall SalineMO57.3
Memphis City ofMemphis ScotlandMO8.8
Merchant Energy PartnersAries Power Project CassMO677
Monroe City City ofMonroe MonroeMO18.8
NRG South Central Ops IncAudrain Generating Station AudrainMO814.4
Odessa City ofOdessa LafayetteMO7.3
Owensville City ofOwensville GasconadeMO9.8
Palmyra City ofPalmyra Municipal MarionMO6.8
Palmyra City ofPalmyra Municipal 2 MarionMO7
Poplar Bluff City ofPoplar Bluff Generating Station ButlerMO39.8
Rich Hill City ofRich Hill BatesMO1.1
Rockport City ofRockport AtchisonMO5.7
Salisbury City ofSalisbury City of CharitonMO6.4
Shelbina City ofShelbina Power #1 ShelbyMO4.6
Shelbina City ofShelbina Power #3 ShelbyMO3.6
Shelbina City ofShelbina Power #2 ShelbyMO6.6
Sho-Me Power Electric CoopNiangua CamdenMO3
Sikeston City ofColeman ScottMO4.3
Sikeston City ofSikeston Power Station ScottMO261
Southeast Missouri State UnivSoutheast Missouri State University Cape GirardeauMO7.2
Southwestern Bell Telephone CoSouthwestern Bell Telephone CooperMO6
Springfield City ofMcCartney GreeneMO117.8
Springfield City ofMain Street GreeneMO15.3
Springfield City ofJames River Power Station GreeneMO450.5
Springfield City ofSouthwest Power Station GreeneMO303
Stanberry City ofStanberry GentryMO4.9
Trenton Municipal UtilitiesTrenton Diesel GrundyMO5.2
Trenton Municipal UtilitiesTrenton Peaking GrundyMO13.5
Trenton Municipal UtilitiesTrenton South GrundyMO14
Trigen St Louis Energy CorporationTrigen St.Louis St LouisMO33.8
Union Electric CoRush Island JeffersonMO1242
Union Electric CoMexico AudrainMO60.7
Union Electric CoOsage MillerMO208
Union Electric CoCallaway CallawayMO1235.8
Union Electric CoMoreau ColeMO60.8
Union Electric CoMoberly RandolphMO60.6
Union Electric CoSioux St CharlesMO1099.4
Union Electric CoFairgrounds ColeMO68.3
Union Electric CoPeno Creek PikeMO240
Union Electric CoViaduct Cape GirardeauMO30.6
Union Electric CoMeramec St LouisMO1041
Union Electric CoTaum Sauk ReynoldsMO408
Union Electric CoHoward Bend St LouisMO47.4
Union Electric CoLabadie FranklinMO2389.4
Union Electric CoKirksville AdairMO15
Unionville City ofUnionville PutnamMO8.7
University of Missouri-ColumbaUniversity of Missouri Columbia BooneMO91.1
USCE-Kansas City DistrictStockton CedarMO45.2
USCE-Kansas City DistrictHarry Truman BentonMO161.4
USCE-Little Rock DistrictTable Rock TaneyMO200
USCE-St Louis DistrictClarence Cannon RallsMO58
Vandalia City ofVandalia AudrainMO9.3
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Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs
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