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ME Power Plants
Plant Name
Arcadia Energy II LLCBenton Falls Associates KennebecME4.2
Aroostook and Bangor ResourcesAroostook and Bangor Resources PenobscotME1.3
Bangor Hydro-Electric CoBar Harbor HancockME8
Bangor Hydro-Electric CoEastport WashingtonME4
Bangor Hydro-Electric CoMedway PenobscotME8
Bangor Hydro-Electric CoVeazie C PenobscotME0
Bangor Hydro-Electric CoBasin Mills PenobscotME0
Bangor Pacific Operating CoBangor Pacific Hydro PenobscotME13
Beaver Wood Joint VentureBeaver Wood Joint Venture PenobscotME16.9
Boralex Ashland IncBoralex Ashland AroostookME39.6
Boralex Fort Fairfield IncBoralex Fort Fairfield AroostookME37.5
Boralex Livermore Falls IncBoralex Beaver Livermore Falls AndroscogginME39.6
Boralex Stratton Energy IncBoralex Stratton Energy FranklinME45.7
Brassua Hydroelectric LPBrassua Hydroelectric Project SomersetME3.6
Calpine Androscoggin EnergyAndroscoggin Energy Center FranklinME163.5
Calpine CorpRumford Power Associates OxfordME262.9
Calpine Eastern CorpWestbrook Energy Center CumberlandME563.9
Casco Bay Energy Co LLCMaine Independence Station PenobscotME550.2
Consolidated Hydro NH IncSalmon Falls YorkME1.2
Domtar Industries Inc- WoodlandDomtar - Woodland Mill WashingtonME66.8
ESOCO Orrington IncPenobscot Energy Recovery PenobscotME25.3
FPL Energy Cape LLCCape Gas Turbine CumberlandME35
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCAndroscoggin 3 AndroscogginME3.6
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCWest Buxton YorkME7.7
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCGulf Island AndroscogginME19.2
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCWilliams SomersetME13
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCShawmut SomersetME8.8
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCBonny Eagle YorkME7.2
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCBar Mills YorkME4
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCHarris SomersetME76.4
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCDeer Rips AndroscogginME6.5
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCCharles E Monty AndroscogginME28.4
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCHill Mill AndroscogginME1.8
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCBrunswick CumberlandME19.6
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCFort Halifax KennebecME1.4
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCHiram CumberlandME10.5
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCAziscohos Hydroelectric Project OxfordME6.7
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCContinental Mills AndroscogginME1.4
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCWyman Hydro SomersetME72
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCCataract YorkME6.6
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCNorth Gorham CumberlandME2.2
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCSkelton YorkME16.8
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCWeston SomersetME12
FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLCBates Mill Upper AndroscogginME3.9
FPL Energy Mason LLCMason Steam LincolnME106.5
FPL Energy Wyman LLCWilliam F Wyman CumberlandME846
Georgia-Pacific CorporationOld Town SomersetME0
Georgia-Pacific CorporationGeorgia Pacific Old Town Division PenobscotME44.5
Gorham Energy LPGorham Energy Project CumberlandME0
Great Lakes Hydro America LLCGreat Lakes Hydro America - ME PenobscotME135.7
Greenville Steam CoGreenville Steam PiscataquisME15.6
International Paper CoInternational Paper Jay Hydro FranklinME3.1
International Paper CoOtis Hydro FranklinME10.2
International Paper CoInternational Paper Riley Hydro FranklinME6.6
International Paper CoInternational Paper Livermore Hydro AndrscogginME9.2
International Paper Co- BucksportBucksport Mill HancockME274.4
IPC-Androscoggin MillAndroscoggin Mill FranklinME80
J and L ElectricJ and L Electric FranklinME2
Katahdin Paper IncMillinocket Mill PenobscotME110.7
Katahdin Paper IncEast Millinocket Mill PenobscotME61.4
Lavalley Lumber LLCLavalley Lumber LLC YorkME2.7
Lewiston City ofUpper Androscoggin AndroscogginME1.6
Lincoln Paper and Tissue LLCLincoln Paper and Tissue PenobscotME6.5
Loring BioEnergy LLCLoring BioEnergy AroostookME0
Madison Paper Industries IncAnson Abenaki Hydros SomersetME29
Maine Energy Recovery CoMaine Energy Recovery YorkME22
Maine Renewable LLCMessalonskee 5 KennebecME1.8
Maine Renewable LLCMessalonskee 3 KennebecME1.6
Maine Renewable LLCMessalonskee 2 (Oakland) KennebecME2.8
MeadWestvaco CorpMead Rumford Cogen OxfordME12.5
Merimil Ltd PartnershipLockwood Hydroelectric Facility KennebecME7.2
Mid-Maine Waste Action CorpMMWAC Resource Recovery Facility AndroscogginME5
Miller Hydro Group IncWorumbo Hydro Station AndroscogginME19.4
Morrill WorcesterWorcester Energy WashingtonME25.8
PPL Maine LLCPPL Medway Hydro PenobscotME3.2
PPL Maine LLCGreat Works Hydro PenobscotME7.7
PPL Maine LLCPPL Howland Hydro Station PenobscotME1.8
PPL Maine LLCPPL Milford Hydro Station PenobscotME6.4
PPL Maine LLCPPL Ellsworth Hydro Station HancockME8.9
PPL Maine LLCPPL Stillwater Hydro Station PenobscotME1.8
PPL Maine LLCPPL Veazie Hydro Station PenobscotME8.1
Redington Mountain Windpwr LLCRedington Wind Farm FranklinME0
Regional Waste SystemsRegional Waste Systems CumberlandME13.3
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPGardiner KennebecME1.2
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPMechanic Falls AndroscogginME1.3
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPPumpkin Hill KennebecME1.5
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPBarker Lower AndroscogginME1.6
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPBarker Mill Upper AndroscogginME1.5
Ridgewood Maine Hydo Partnership LPPittsfield WaldoME1.7
Ridgewood Power Management LLCIndeck Jonesboro Energy Center WashingtonME27.5
Ridgewood Power Management LLCIndeck West Enfield Energy Center PenobscotME27.5
Robbins Lumber IncRobbins Lumber WaldoME3.2
Rumford Cogeneration CoRumford Falls Power OxfordME39.2
Rumford Cogeneration CoRumford Cogeneration OxfordME102
S D Warren Co.- WestbrookS D Warren Westbrook CumberlandME80.9
Sappi Fine Paper North America-SomersetSomerset Plant SomersetME116.9
Topsham Hydro PartnersPejepscot Hydroelectric Project SagadahocME13.7
UAH-Hydro Kennebec Ltd PartnerHydro Kennebec Project KennebecME15
Wheelabrator Environmental SystemsWheelabrator Sherman Energy Facility PenobscotME21
WPS New England Generation IncCaribou Generation Station AroostookME27.4
WPS New England Generation IncSqua Pan Hydro Station AroostookME1.5
WPS New England Generation IncFlos Inn Diesel AroostookME6
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Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs Power Plant Jobs
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