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MA Power Plants
Plant Name
AE Operations LLCSouthbridge Energy Center LLC WorcesterMA14.5
Anderson Power ProductsAnderson Power Products Division WorcesterMA1
ANP Bellingham Energy CoANP Bellingham Energy Project NorfolkMA578
ANP Blackstone Energy CoANP Blackstone Energy Project WorcesterMA578
Archer Daniels Midland CoMansfield PlymouthMA3
Bay State GPX IncAgawam Gate Station HampdenMA2
Berkshire Power Co LLCBerkshire Power HampdenMA272
Boott Hydropower IncBoott Hydropower MiddlesexMA22.9
Boston Generating LLCFore River Generating Station NorfolkMA872.2
Boston Generating LLCMystic Generating Station MiddlesexMA2844.2
Braintree Town ofPotter Station 2 NorfolkMA106.4
Brockton Power LLCBrockton Power PlymouthMA0
Calpine Eastern CorpDighton Power Plant BristolMA200
Chicopee City ofFront Street HampdenMA8.1
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Dept.Riverside HampdenMA6.9
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Dept.Cabot Holyoke HampdenMA27.4
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Dept.Boatlock HampdenMA2.9
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Dept.Hadley Falls HampdenMA30.8
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Dept.Chemical HampdenMA1.6
Clark UniversityClark University WocesterMA1.8
Collins Hydroelectric PartnersCollins Facility HampdenMA1.2
Consolidated Edison E MA IncIndian Orchard HampdenMA3.7
Consolidated Edison E MA IncGardners Falls FranklinMA3.5
Consolidated Edison E MA IncRedbridge HampdenMA3.6
Consolidated Edison E MA IncDoreen BerkshireMA21.1
Consolidated Edison E MA IncWest Springfield HampdenMA351
Consolidated Edison E MA IncWoodland Road HampdenMA20.4
Consolidated Edison E MA IncPutts Bridge HampdenMA3.2
Consolidated Edison E MA IncDwight Live OakMA1.2
Cranston Print Works CoWebster Facility WorcesterMA2.5
Dominion Energy New England LLCSalem Harbor EssexMA805.1
Dominion Energy New England LLCBrayton Point BristolMA1610.9
Eastman Gelatine CorpEastman Gelatine EssexMA6.7
ECO Springfield LLCPioneer Valley Resource Recovery HampdenMA9.4
Entergy Nuclear Generation CoPilgrim Nuclear Power Station PlymouthMA670
Erving Paper Mills IncErving Paper Mills FranklinMA2.5
Exelon New England Holdings LLCExelon L Street SuffolkMA18.6
Exelon New England Holdings LLCNew Boston Generating Station SuffolkMA736.2
Exelon New England Holdings LLCExelon Framingham LLC NorfolkMA42.6
Exelon New England Holdings LLCExelon Medway LLC NolforkMA135
Exelon New England Holdings LLCExelon Edgar LLC SulfolkMA28.4
Fellsway Development LLCFellsway Development LLC MiddlesexMA2.7
Gas Recovery Systems IncHalifax Electric PlymouthMA3
Gas Recovery Systems IncFall River Electric BristolMA7.3
Gas Recovery Systems IncChicopee Electric HampdenMA2
Gas Recovery Systems IncRandolph Electric NorfolkMA3
Gas Recovery Systems IncEast Bridgewater PlymouthMA6
General Electric Aircraft EnginesGeneral Electric Aircraft Engines EssexMA56.7
Harris Energy and Realty CorpHarris Energy Realty HampdenMA3.3
Harvard UniversityBlackstone Street MiddlesexMA12.5
Hudson Town ofCherry Street MiddlesexMA20.3
IDC BellinghamIDC Bellingham LLC NorfolkMA0
Indeck-Pepperell Power AssocIndeck Pepperell Power Facility MiddlesexMA41.8
Ipswich Town ofHigh Street Station EssexMA12.2
Island End Power LLCIsland End Cogeneration Project MiddlesexMA0
Kraft Foods North America IncKraft Foods Atlantic Gelatin MiddlesexMA9.2
Lawrence Hydroelectric AssocLawrence Hydroelectric Associates EssexMA14.8
Lowell Cogeneration Co LPLowell Cogen Plant MiddlesexMA33.5
Marblehead City ofCommercial Street EssexMA1.1
Marblehead City ofWilkins Station EssexMA5.4
Massachusetts Bay Trans AuthM Street Jet SuffolkMA69
Massachusetts Inst of TechMass Inst Tech Cntrl Utilities/Cogen Plt MiddlesexMA21.2
Massachusetts Mun Whls Elec CoStony Brook HampdenMA530.6
Massachusetts Water Res AuthCosgrove Intake Power Station WorcesterMA3.2
Massachusetts Water Res AuthOakdale Power Station WorcesterMA3.5
Massachusetts Water Res AuthWinsor Dam Power Station HampshireMA1.2
Massachusetts Wtr RAuth-Deer IDeer Island Treatment Plant SuffolkMA83.7
MasspowerMasspower HampdenMA246
Medical Area Total Egy Plt IncMedical Area Total Energy Plant SuffolkMA87.8
Merrimac Paper Co IncMerrimac Paper EssexMA1.8
Milford Power Ltd PartnershipMilford Power LP WorcesterMA178
Millennium Power Partners LPMillennium Power WorcesterMA360
Minnesota Methane LLCLowell Landfill MiddlesexMA1.6
Minnesota Methane LLCTaunton Landfill BristolMA1.8
Mirant Canal LLCCanal BarnstableMA1165
Mirant Canal LLCOak Bluffs Diesel Generating Facility DukesMA8.1
Mirant Canal LLCWest Tisbury Generating Facility DukesMA5.4
Mirant Kendall LLCKendall Square Station MiddlesexMA277.4
Nantucket Electric CoNantucket NantucketMA19.8
Newark Atlantic Paperboard CoNewark Atlantic Paperboard EssexMA3
Newark Group IncHaverhill Paperboard North EssexMA4
Northeast Energy Associates LPBellingham Cogeneration Facility NorfolkMA386.1
Northeast Generation Services CompanyMount Tom HampdenMA136
Northeast Generation Services CompanyCobble Mountain HampdenMA33
Northeast Generation Services CompanyCabot FranklinMA61.8
Northeast Generation Services CompanyTurners Falls FranklinMA5.2
Northeast Generation Services CompanyNorthfield Mountain FranklinMA940
Northern Star Generation Services Co LLCDartmouth Power Associates BristolMA77
O'Connell EngineeringandFin IncChicopee Hydroelectric Station HampdenMA2.4
Ogden Projects Inc-HaverhillCovanta Haverhill EssexMA46
Peabody City ofWaters River EssexMA64.9
Peabody Power LLCPeabody Power Station EssexMA0
Pinetree Power Fitchburg IncPinetree Power Fitchburg WorcesterMA18
Pittsfield Generating Company LPPittsfield Generating LP BerkshireMA180
Princeton Town ofRichard F Wheeler WorcesterMA0.3
Ridgewood Power Management LLCGlobe Manufacturing BristolMA7
River Mills CorpRiverdale Mills WorcesterMA1.3
Saint - Gobain Abrasives IncNorton Powerhouse WorcesterMA5.6
SEMASS PartnershipSEMASS Resource Recovery PlymouthMA98.5
Shrewsbury Town ofShrewsbury WorcesterMA14
Solutia Inc-IndianIndian Orchard Plant 1 HampdenMA5.7
Somerset Power LLCSomerset Station BristolMA224
Specialty Minerals IncSpecialty Minerals BerkshireMA4.8
Swift River Hydro Operations Co. IncInternational Paper Woronoco Mill HampdenMA1.8
Swift River Hydro Operations Co. IncPepperell Paper MiddlesexMA1.6
Taunton City ofCleary Flood BristolMA146.3
The Gillette CompanyGillette SBMC SuffolkMA14.5
Trigen Revere Energy Corp.Trigen Revere SuffolkMA5.8
Turners Falls Ltd PartnershipIndeck Turners Falls Energy Center FranklinMA21.9
U S Gen New England IncFife Brook BerkshireMA11.2
U S Gen New England IncSherman FranklinMA7.2
U S Gen New England IncDeerfield 5 BerkshireMA17.5
U S Gen New England IncDeerfield 3 FranklinMA4.8
U S Gen New England IncDeerfield 4 FranklinMA4.8
U S Gen New England IncDeerfield 2 FranklinMA4.8
U S Gen New England IncBear Swamp BerkshireMA600
UAE Lowell Power LLCUAE Lowell Power LLC MiddlesexMA92.6
University of Massachusetts MedicalUniv of Massachusetts Medical Center WorcesterMA10
Ware Energy CorpWare Energy HampshireMA9.3
Wellesley CollegeWellesley College Central Utility Plant NorfolkMA7.1
Wheelabrator Environmental SystemsWheelabrator North Andover EssexMA40.3
Wheelabrator Environmental SystemsWheelabrator Saugus EssexMA53.7
Wheelabrator Environmental SystemsWheelabrator Millbury Facility WorcesterMA47.6
Zapco Energy Tactics CorpBarre WorcesterMA1
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