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IL Power Plants
Plant Name
A E Staley Manufacturing CoA E Staley Decatur Plant Cogen MaconIL62
Air Solutions IncLincoln Generation LLC BurkeIL0
Alsip Paper Condominium AssnAlsip Paper Condominium Association CookIL8.3
Altamont City ofAltamont EffinghamIL7.2
Ameren Energy Generating CoGibson City FordIL270
Ameren Energy Generating CoPinckneyville PerryIL380
Ameren Energy Generating CoKinmundy MarionIL270
Ameren Energy Generating CoElgin Energy Center KaneIL540
Ameren Energy Generating CoCoffeen MontgomeryIL1005.4
Ameren Energy Generating CoGrand Tower JacksonIL647.3
Ameren Energy Generating CoHutsonville CrawfordIL153
Ameren Energy Generating CoMeredosia MorganIL564
Ameren Energy Generating CoNewton JasperIL1234.8
Ameren Energy Resources Generating Co.E D Edwards PeoriaIL780.3
Ameren Energy Resources Generating Co.Sterling Avenue PeoriaIL36
Ameren Energy Resources Generating Co.Duck Creek FultonIL441
AmerenIPState Farm McLeanIL5.1
AmerGen Energy Co LLCClinton Power Station De WittIL990
Aquila Services IncRaccoon Creek Energy Center ClayIL456
Aquila Services IncGoose Creek Energy Center PiattIL684
Archer Daniels Midland CoArcher Daniels Midland Decatur MaconIL230
Archer Daniels Midland CoArcher Daniels Midland Peoria PeoriaIL64
Archer Daniels Midland CoGalesburg KnoxIL3
Archer Daniels Midland CoArcher Daniels Midland Taylorville ChristianIL4.6
Art Institute of ChicagoArt Institute of Chicago CookIL1.4
Bio-Energy PartnersSettlers Hill Gas Recovery KaneIL6
Bio-Energy PartnersMilam Gas Recovery St ClairIL2.4
Bio-Energy PartnersCID Gas Recovery CookIL6
Bio-Energy PartnersLake Gas Recovery CookIL9
Bio-Energy PartnersTazewell Gas Recovery TazewellIL2.4
Bio-Energy PartnersKankakee Gas Recovery KankakeeIL1.6
Bio-Energy PartnersWoodland Landfill Gas Recovery KaneIL1.6
Bio-Energy PartnersGreene Valley Gas Recovery Du PageIL9.9
BP Naperville ComplexBP Naperville Cogeneration Facility Du PageIL8.3
Breese City ofBreese ClintonIL13.9
Bunge FoodsBunge Oil KankakeeIL3.5
Bunge Milling IncBunge Milling Cogen VermilionIL20
Bushnell City ofBushnell McDonoughIL10.8
Cadbury Adams USA LLCCadbury Adams - Rockford WinnebagoIL4.7
Calpine Morris LLCMorris Power Plant GrundyIL179
Carlyle City ofCarlyle ClintonIL12.5
Carmi City ofCarmi WhiteIL16.3
Casey City ofCity of Casey ClarkIL5.4
CEMEX Central Plains CementDixon Marquette LeeIL13.8
Central Illinois Light CoIndian Trails Cogen 1 TazewellIL21
Central Illinois Light CoHallock PeoriaIL12.8
Central Illinois Light CoKickapoo LoganIL12.8
CinCap Oraville LLCCinCap Oraville JacksonIL0
Clay County Power LLCFlora Generating Station ClayIL0
Commonwealth Edison CoNA 8 CookIL0
Cordova Energy Co LLCCordova Energy Rock IslandIL690.8
Corn Belt Energy CorporationParkside McLeanIL6
Corn Belt Energy CorporationGillum McLeanIL4
Corn Belt Energy CorporationPrairie Energy LoganIL0
Corn Belt Energy CorporationBNWRD McLeanIL2
Corn Products Intl IncCorn Products Illinois CookIL54.6
Dominion Elwood Services CoElwood Energy LLC WillIL1728
Dominion Energy Services CoKincaid Generation LLC ChristianIL1319
DTE BiomassKMS Macon Power MaconIL1.6
DTE Crete Operations LLCCrete Energy Park WillIL356
Duke Energy Cook LLCCook Energy Facility CookIL0
Duke Energy Kankakee LLCKankakee Energy Facility KankakeeIL0
Duke Energy Lee LLCLee Energy Facility LeeIL814.4
DuPage CountyWoodridge Greene Valley Treatment Plant Du PageIL1.5
Duraco Products IncDuraco Products CookIL1.4
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncBaldwin Energy Complex RandolphIL1892.1
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncHavana MasonIL718
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncHennepin Power Station PutnamIL306.3
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncOglesby La SalleIL70
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncStallings MadisonIL95.2
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncVermilion VermilionIL198.8
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncWood River MadisonIL650.1
Dynegy Midwest Generation IncTilton VermilionIL188
El Paso Merchant Energy CoFox River Peaking Station KaneIL0
Electric Energy IncJoppa Steam MassacIL1099.8
Evanston Board of EducationEvanston Township High School CookIL2.4
Exelon Generation Co LLCSoutheast Chicago Energy Project CookIL407.2
Exelon Generation Co LLCDresden Generating Station GrundyIL1824
Exelon Generation Co LLCQuad Cities Generating Station Rock IslandIL1824
Exelon Generation Co LLCBraidwood Generation Station WillIL2452
Exelon Generation Co LLCByron Generating Station OgleIL2452
Exelon Generation Co LLCLaSalle Generating Station La SalleIL2340
ExxonMobil Oil CorpExxonMobil Oil Joliet Refinery WillIL39.6
Fairfield City ofFairfield WayneIL7.5
Farmer City City ofFarmer City De WittIL6.9
Flora City ofFlora Site A ClayIL5.4
Flora City ofFlora Site B ClayIL3.6
Fox Metro Water ReclamationFox Metro Water Reclamation District KendallIL2.2
Franklin County Power LLCFranklin County Generating Station FranklinIL0
Franklin County Pwr of IL LLCFranklin County Power FranklinIL0
Freeburg Village ofFreeburg St ClairIL10.3
Gas Recovery Services-IL IncRockford Electric OgleIL2
Gas Recovery Services-IL IncMallard Lake Electric Du PageIL25
Gas Recovery Services-IL IncQuad Cities Rock IslandIL2
Gas Recovery Services-IL IncSouth Barrington Electric Du PageIL1.6
General Mills IncGeneral Mills West Chicago Du PageIL6.4
Geneseo City ofGeneseo HenryIL29.4
George Weston BakeriesEntenmanns Cogeneration Facility CookIL1.6
Goose Lake Generating Co LLCGoose Lake Generating Station GrundyIL0
Highland City ofHighland MadisonIL17.6
Hoffer PlasticsHoffer Plastics KaneIL7.2
Holland Energy LLCHolland Energy Facility ShelbyIL702.1
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnRoxana Resource Recovery MadisonIL4.4
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnStreator Energy Partners LLC La SalleIL1.1
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnDevonshire Power Partners LLC CookIL5.5
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnBrickyard Energy Partners LLC VermilionIL3.3
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnDixon/Lee Energy Partners LLC LeeIL4.4
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnUpper Rock Energy Partners LLC Rock IslandIL3.3
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnRiveside Resource Recovery LLC WillIL1.1
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnAvon Energy Partners LLC CookIL3.3
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnCountyside Genco LLC LakeIL8.4
Illinois Electricial Gen PartnMorris Genco LLC GrundyIL4.2
Illinois Institute-TechnologyIllinois Institute of Tech Cogen Fac CookIL7.4
Illinois Municipal Electric AgencyIMEA Highland MadisonIL3.6
Illinois Municipal Electric AgencyIMEA Waterloo MonroeIL5.4
Illinois Municipal Electric AgencyIMEA Flora ClayIL9
Illinois Wind Energy LLCCrescent Ridge BureauIL0
Indeck-Chicago Heights LLCIndeck Chicago Heights Energy CookIL0
Indeck-Elwood LLCIndeck Elwood Energy Center WillIL0
Indeck Operations IncNRG Rockford I WinnebagoIL316
Indeck Operations IncNRG Rockford II Energy Center WinnebagoIL168
Industrial Energy Applications IncAlliant SBD 9805 Rockford Products WinnebagoIL4.8
Ingersall Machine Tools Inc.Ingersoll Milling Machine WinnebagoIL4.6
International Malting Co.Chicago CookIL2.6
IVEX Packaging CorpIVEX Packaging WillIL3.8
Jacobs Energy CorpJacobs Energy Rock IslandIL0
John Deere Harvester Works CoJohn Deere Harvester Works Rock IslandIL10
Kankakee City ofKankakee Hydro Facility KankakeeIL1.2
Kendall New Century Dev LLCGreat Plains Energy Center KendallIL0
Kinder Morgan Illinois LLCWaukegan Energy Facility LakeIL0
Kinder Morgan Power CoAux Sable Power Plant KendallIL0
Klein Tools IncKlein Tools Chicago CookIL1.5
KMS Joliet Power Partners LPKMS Joliet Power Partners LP WillIL3.2
Koppers Industries IncKoopers Chicago Plant CookIL7.5
Lewis BakeriesChicago Baking CookIL1
Lincoln Generating Facility LLCLincoln Generating Facility WillIL692
Little Co of Mary HospitalLittle Company of Mary Hospital CookIL3.8
LSP-Kendall Energy LLCKendall County Generation Facility KendallIL1256
LTV Steel Co IncLTV Steel South Chicago Works CookIL9.5
MandM Mars IncMandM Mars Chicago CookIL3.5
Marathon Oil CoIllinois Refining Division CrawfordIL12
Marshall City ofMarshall ClarkIL16.3
Mascoutah City ofMascoutah St ClairIL6.7
McLeansboro City ofMcLeansboro HamiltonIL9.2
MEP Investments LLCMEP Investments LLC WashingtonIL0
Metro Wtr Recl Dist Grtr ChiLockport Powerhouse WillIL32
MidAmerican Energy CoMoline Rock IslandIL75.6
Midwest Electric Power IncMEPI GT Facility MassacIL301.5
Midwest Generations EME LLCJoliet 29 WillIL1320
Midwest Generations EME LLCBloom CookIL152
Midwest Generations EME LLCCalumet CookIL278.4
Midwest Generations EME LLCCrawford CookIL805
Midwest Generations EME LLCElectric Junction Du PageIL304
Midwest Generations EME LLCJoliet 9 WillIL507.6
Midwest Generations EME LLCLombard Du PageIL132.6
Midwest Generations EME LLCPowerton TazewellIL1785.6
Midwest Generations EME LLCSabrooke WinnebagoIL149.6
Midwest Generations EME LLCWaukegan LakeIL914.7
Midwest Generations EME LLCWill County WillIL1268.8
Midwest Generations EME LLCFisk Street CookIL662.8
Midwest Generations EME LLCCollins GrundyIL2650.1
Midwest Hydro IncDayton Hydro La SalleIL3.6
Midwest Hydro IncRockton WinnebagoIL1.1
Moose InternationalMooseheart Power House KaneIL1.8
MWRD:W/SW FacilityStickney Water Reclamation Plant CookIL3
Nalco CoNalco Du PageIL4.7
Navitas EnergyMendota Hills LLC LeeIL50.4
New Heights RecoveryandPower LLCNew Heights Recovery and Power LLC CookIL26
Nicor GasNicor Gas Du PageIL2.4
NRG Bourbonnais LLCNRG Bourbonnais Energy Center KankakeeIL0
NRG North Central Op IncLSP-Nelson Energy LLC LeeIL0
Panduit CorpPanduit Tinley Park CookIL1.4
Pekin Paperboard Co LPPekin Paperboard TazewellIL1.5
Peru City ofPeru La SalleIL44.6
Phelps Dodge Chicago RodPhelps Dodge Chicago Rod CookIL2.4
Pickering Environ ConsultantsGenPower West Frankfort LLC FranklinIL0
PPG Industries Inc Works 14PPG Industries Works 14 MaconIL5.9
PPL University Park LLCPPL University Park Power Project WillIL540
Prairie State Generating Co LLCPrairie State Generatng Station WashingtonIL0
Princeton City ofPrinceton BureauIL37.9
Rantoul Village ofRantoul ChampaignIL29.9
Red Bud City ofRed Bud RandolphIL16.5
Reliant Energy Power Gen IncEnergy Shelby County ShelbyIL483
Reliant Energy Power Gen IncAurora Du PageIL1275
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Pontiac LivingstonIL15
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Beecher WillIL5
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Congress CookIL15
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Peoria PeoriaIL4
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Lansing CookIL2
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Springfield SangamonIL3
Resource Technology CorpBiodyne Lyons CookIL4.5
Resurrection Health CareSaint Mary of Nazareth Hospital CookIL2.4
Resurrection Medical CenterResurrection Hospital CookIL1.4
Rochelle Municipal UtilitiesNorth Ninth Street OgleIL18.7
Rochelle Municipal UtilitiesSouth Main Street OgleIL16.5
Rochelle Municipal Utilities1515 S Caron Road OgleIL4.2
Rock-Tenn CoRock-Tenn KaneIL2.9
Rock Falls City ofUpper Sterling WhitesideIL2.2
Rock Falls City ofAvenue A Generator Sets WhitesideIL3.6
Rock Falls City ofIndustrial Park WhitesideIL9
Rocky Road Power LLCRocky Road Power LLC KaneIL418.9
Sherman HospitalSherman Hospital KaneIL1.6
Southern Illinois Power CoopMarion WilliamsonIL422
Southwestern Electric Coop IncFreedom Power Project FayetteIL71
Soyland Power Coop IncPittsfield PikeIL9
Soyland Power Coop IncPearl Station PikeIL46
Soyland Power Coop IncAlsey ScottIL125
Springfield City ofDallman SangamonIL387.7
Springfield City ofLakeside SangamonIL80.4
Springfield City ofReynolds SangamonIL17.5
Springfield City ofInterstate SangamonIL138.6
Springfield City ofFactory SangamonIL26.6
St Francis HospitalSaint Francis Hospital CookIL1.6
STS Hydropower LtdDixon Hydroelectric Dam LeeIL3
Sullivan City ofSullivan MoultrieIL18.5
Thorton Township School DistThornwood High School CookIL1.4
Thorton Township School DistThornridge High School CookIL1
Titan Land Development Co LLCLivingston Energy Center LivingstonIL0
Trigen-Cinergy Sol-Tuscola LLCTuscola Station DouglasIL18
Trigen-Peoples Dist Energy CoTrigen Peoples District Energy CookIL3.3
Union Electric CoVenice MadisonIL572.5
University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois Cogen Facility CookIL59.9
University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois Abbott Power Plt ChampaignIL88
University Park Energy LLCUniversity Park Energy LLC WillIL342
Waterloo City ofWaterloo MonroeIL17.8
Wells Manufacturing CoWells Manufacturing Dura Bar Division McHenryIL6
Winnetka Village ofWinnetka CookIL33.4
Wisvest CorpCalumet Energy Team LLC CookIL386
Zion Energy LLCZion Energy Center LakeIL596.7
ZLB Behring LLCAventis Behring LLC KankakeeIL4.2
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