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CA Power Plants
Plant Name
8309 Tujunga Avenue CorpPenrose Power Station Los AngelesCA9
8309 Tujunga Avenue CorpToyon Power Station Los AngelesCA9
A B Energy IncA B Energy KernCA6.9
ACE Cogeneration CoACE Cogeneration Facility San BernardinoCA108
AERA Energy LLCSouth Belridge Cogeneration Facility KernCA94.2
AERA Energy LLCLost Hills Cogeneration Plant KernCA10.5
AERA Energy LLCAera South Belridge Cogen Facility KernCA9
Aera Energy LLC-CoalingaCoalinga Cogeneration Facility FresnoCA6.8
AERA Energy LLC-OxfordOxford Cogeneration Facility KernCA5.6
Aera Energy LLC-San ArdoAera San Ardo Cogen Facility MontereyCA6.2
Aera Energy LLC-WeirWeir Cogen Plant KernCA3.4
Aeroturbine Energy CorporationAeroturbine RiversideCA4.7
AES Placerita IncAES Placerita Los AngelesCA150
AES Alamitos LLCAES Alamitos LLC Los AngelesCA2025
AES Delano Energy Corporation IncDelano Energy KernCA57
AES Huntington Beach LLCAES Huntington Beach LLC OrangeCA1021
AES Mendota L.P.AES Mendota FresnoCA28
AES Redondo Beach LLCAES Redondo Beach LLC Los AngelesCA1316.4
AES SeaWest IncSan Gorgonio Westwinds II LLC RiversideCA43.4
AES SeaWest IncMountain View II RiversideCA22.2
AES SeaWest IncMountain View I RiversideCA44.4
AES SeaWest IncAltech III RiversideCA25.1
Air Products and Chemicals IncWilmington Hydrogen Plant Los AngelesCA31.9
Air Products Energy EnterpriseStockton Cogen San JoaquinCA60
Algonquin-Cambrian Pacific GenLLCColton Landfill San BernardinoCA1.3
Algonquin-Cambrian Pacific GenLLCTajiguas Landfill Santa BarbaraCA3
Algonquin-Cambrian Pacific GenLLCMilliken Landfill San BernardinoCA2.2
Algonquin-Cambrian Pacific GenLLCPrima Desheha Landfill OrangeCA6
Algonquin-Cambrian Pacific GenLLCMid Valley Landfill San BernardinoCA2.6
Altamont Power LLCAltamont Power LLC AlamedaCA28.7
Amedee Gethrm Venture I LPAmedee Geothermal Venture I TehamaCA3
Anaheim City ofAnaheim GT OrangeCA49.2
Applied Energy IncNorth Island Energy Facility San DiegoCA38.5
Applied Energy IncNTC/MCRD Energy Facility San DiegoCA25.6
Applied Energy IncNaval Station Energy Facility San DiegoCA49.9
ARCO Products Co-WatsonWatson Cogeneration Los AngelesCA405
B Braun Medical IncB Braun Medical OrangeCA6.1
Babcock and Brown Power Op Partners LLCKumeyaay Wind San DiegoCA0
Berry Petroleum CoBerry Cogen Tanne Hills 18 KernCA17.6
Berry Petroleum CoBerry Placerita Cogen Los AngelesCA42.8
Berry Petroleum CoBerry Cogen KernCA38.7
Big Creek Water Works LtdBig Creek Water Works TrinityCA5
Big Valley Lumber Co.Big Valley Lumber LassenCA9.3
Bio-Energy PartnersAltamont Gas Recovery AlamedaCA8.6
Biola UniversityBiola University Los AngelesCA2.2
Black Hills CorpBlack Hills Ontario Facility San BernardinoCA12
Blacksand Energy IncBlacksand Generating Facility OrangeCA7.7
Bottle Rock Power CorporationBottle Rock Power LakeCA55
BP Carson RefineryBP Carson Refinery Los AngelesCA13.5
BP West Coast Products LLC-WilmingtonBP Wilmington Calciner Los AngelesCA34
Burbank City ofOlive Los AngelesCA171.9
Burbank City ofMagnolia Los AngelesCA87.6
Burbank City ofMagnolia Power Project Los AngelesCA0
Burbank City ofLake Los AngelesCA70
Burney Mountain PowerBurney Mountain Power ShastaCA11.4
Caithness Energy LLC251 Project KernCA18.4
CalEnergy Operation CorporationSalton Sea Unit 2 ImperialCA20
CalEnergy Operation CorporationA W Hoch ImperialCA35.8
CalEnergy Operation CorporationJ J Elmore ImperialCA35.8
CalEnergy Operation CorporationSalton Sea Unit 3 ImperialCA53.9
CalEnergy Operation CorporationJ M Leathers ImperialCA35.8
CalEnergy Operation CorporationSalton Sea Unit 4 ImperialCA51
CalEnergy Operation CorporationCE Turbo ImperialCA11.5
CalEnergy Operation CorporationSalton Sea Unit 5 ImperialCA49.9
CalEnergy Operation CorporationVulcan ImperialCA39.6
CalEnergy Operation CorporationSalton Sea Unit 1 ImperialCA10
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesEdward C Hyatt ButteCA644.1
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesThermalito ButteCA115.1
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesMojave Siphon San BernardinoCA32.7
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesW E Warne Los AngelesCA74.2
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesW R Gianelli MercedCA424
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesAlamo Los AngelesCA19.6
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesThermalito Diverson Dam ButteCA3.4
California Dept-Wtr ResourcesDevil Canyon San BernardinoCA276.2
California Dept of CorrectionsRichard J Donovan Correctional Facility San DiegoCA2.6
California Institute-TechnolgyCalifornia Institute of Technology Los AngelesCA18.3
Calleguas Mun Water DistrictEast Portal Generator Los AngelesCA1.2
Calleguas Mun Water DistrictSpringville Hydroelectric VenturaCA1
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power El Cajon No 6 San DiegoCA48.7
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Panoche No 2 FresnoCA49.5
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Midway LLC KernCA0
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Enterprise No 7 San DiegoCA49
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Border San DiegoCA49.5
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Vaca Dixon No 1 SolanoCA49.5
CalPeak Power LLCCalPeak Power Midway LLC San DiegoCA0
Calpine CorpGilroy Peaking Energy Center Santa ClaraCA135
Calpine CorpMetcalf Energy Center Santa ClaraCA0
Calpine CorpOtay Mesa Generating Project San DiegoCA0
Calpine CorpPastoria Energy Facility LLC KernCA0
Calpine CorpLos Esteros Critical Energy Center Santa ClaraCA180
Calpine Corp-AgnewsAgnews Power Plant Santa ClaraCA32
Calpine Corp-East AltamontEast Altamont Energy Center Alameda CountyCA0
Calpine Corp-Inland EmpireInland Empire Energy Center Riverside CountyCA0
Calpine Corp-King CityKing City Peaking MontereyCA47.3
Calpine Corp-San JoaquinSan Joaqunin Valley Energy Center FresnoCA0
Calpine Corp-SutterSutter Energy Center SutterCA636
Calpine Corp-Yuba CityYuba City Energy Center SutterCA47.3
Calpine Corp-Yuba CityGreenleaf 2 Power Plant SutterCA49.5
Calpine Corp-Yuba CityFeather River Energy Center SutterCA47
Calpine Corp-Yuba CityGreenleaf 1 Power Plant SutterCA66
Calpine CorporationFour Mile Hill SiskiyouCA0
Calpine CorporationTelephone Flat SiskiyouCA0
Calpine Gilroy Cogen LPGilroy Power Plant Santa ClaraCA130
Calpine King City Cogen LLCKing City Power Plant MontereyCA133.2
Calpine Monterey Cogen IncWatsonville Power Plant Santa CruzCA34.8
Calpine Pittsburg LLCPittsburg Power Plant Contra CostaCA74
CalWind Resources IncTehachapi Wind Resource II KernCA22.4
CalWind Resources IncTehachapi Wind Resource I KernCA8.7
Cameron Ridge LLCCameron Ridge LLC KernCA59.6
Cardinal Cogen IncCardinal Cogen Santa ClaraCA52.8
Carson Cogeneration CoCarson Cogeneration Los AngelesCA55.8
Chateau Energy IncMesquite Resource Recovery Project ImperialCA21
Chevron Products Company-RichmondRichmond Cogen Contra CostaCA125.2
Chevron Products Company-RichmondRichmond Refinery Power Plant Contra CostaCA21
Chevron USA Inc-El SequndoEl Segundo Cogen Los AngelesCA136.9
ChevronTexaco Business and Real Estate SerConcord Cogen Contra CostaCA3
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoTaft 26C Cogen KernCA12.4
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoCymric 6Z Cogen KernCA6.8
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoCymric 36W Cogen KernCA12.4
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoNorth Midway Cogen KernCA10.5
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoMcKittrick Cogen KernCA9.6
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoKern River Fee A Cogen KernCA7.4
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoCynric 31X Cogen KernCA6.8
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoSoutheast Kern River Cogen KernCA27.6
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoKern River Fee C Cogen KernCA7.9
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoCoalinga 25D Cogen FresnoCA13.6
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoKern River Fee B Cogen KernCA3.7
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoCoalinga 6C Cogen FresnoCA6.8
ChevronTexaco Exploration and Prod CoKern River Eastridge Cogen KernCA48.8
CHI-West IncBear Creek ShastaCA3.2
Children's Hospital and HealthChildrens Hospital San DiegoCA7
CMS Generation Operating Co IHL Power LassenCA36.2
Coalinga Cogeneration CoCoalinga Cogeneration FresnoCA38.4
Collins Pine CoCollins Pine Project PlumasCA12
Colmac Energy IncMecca Plant RiversideCA55.5
Colton Power LPCentury Generating Facility San BernardinoCA44.8
Colton Power LPDrews Generating Facility San BernardinoCA44.8
Conoco PhillipsLos Angeles Refinery Wilmington Los AngelesCA68.5
ConocoPhillipsPhillips 66 Carbon Plant Contra CostaCA27.3
ConocoPhillips CoConocoPhillips Rodeo Refinery Contra CostaCA51
ConocoPhillips CorpSanta Maria EPG San Luis ObispoCA5.8
Constellation Operatg Serv IncPacific-Ultrapower Chinese Station TuolumneCA25
Copley Press IncUnion Tribune Publishing San DiegoCA3
Coram Energy LLCCoram Energy LLC KernCA1
Coram Energy LLCCoram Energy LLC KernCA1.4
Coram Energy LLCCTV Power Purchase Contract Trust KernCA4.6
Coram Energy LLCCoram Energy LLC (ECT) KernCA3.3
Corn Products Intl-StockCorn Products Stockton Plant San JoaquinCA2.8
Coso Operating Co LLCCoso Power Developers InyoCA90
Coso Operating Co LLCCoso Energy Developers InyoCA90
Coso Operating Co LLCCoso Finance Partners InyoCA92.2
County of Sonoma Dept of TrnspSonoma Central Landfill Phase I SonomaCA3.2
County of Sonoma Dept of TrnspSonoma Central Landfill Phase III SonomaCA1.6
County of Sonoma Dept of TrnspSonoma Central Landfill Phase II SonomaCA3.2
Covanta Stanislaus IncCovanta Stanislaus Energy StanislausCA24
CPKelco U S IncC P Kelco San Diego Plant San DiegoCA28
Creed Energy Center LLCCreed Energy Center SolanoCA47
Crockett CogenerationCrockett Cogen Project Contra CostaCA247.4
DAI Oil Dale IncDAI Oildale KernCA36
Delta Energy Center LLCDelta Energy Center Contra CostaCA943.5
Delta Power ServicesPE Berkeley AlamedaCA28.5
Department of the NavyNaval Hospital Medical Center San DiegoCA7
Desert Water AgencyWhitewater Hydro Plant RiversideCA1.3
Diamond Generating CorporationIndigo Energy Facility RiversideCA149.7
Diamond Generating CorporationLarkspur Energy Facility San DiegoCA99.8
Diamond Walnut Growers IncDiamond Walnut San JoaquinCA4.5
Difwind Farms Ltd IDifwind Farms Ltd I RiversideCA7.3
Difwind Farms Ltd IIDifwind Farms Ltd II RiversideCA5.5
Difwind Farms Ltd IVDifwind Farms Ltd IV RiversideCA0
Difwind Farms Ltd VDifwind Farms Ltd V RiversideCA11.7
Difwind Farms Ltd VIDifwind Farms Ltd VI KernCA27.1
Difwind Farms Ltd VIIDifwind Farms Ltd VII AlamedaCA24
Difwind Farms Ltd VIIIDifwind Farms Ltd VIII KernCA15
Dispersed Generating Company LLCEscondido Power Plant San DiegoCA44
Dispersed Generating Company LLCChula Vista I San DiegoCA44
DosCuadras Offshore Res. LLCRincon Facility VenturaCA3
DPC Juniper LLCDouble C KernCA49.8
DPC Juniper LLCBadger Creek Cogen KernCA46
DPC Juniper LLCLive Oak Cogen KernCA46
DPC Juniper LLCHigh Sierra KernCA49.8
DPC Juniper LLCKern Front KernCA49.8
DPC Juniper LLCBear Mountain Cogen KernCA46
DPC Juniper LLCMcKittrick Cogen KernCA46
DPC Juniper LLCCorona Cogen RiversideCA47
DPC Juniper LLCChalk Cliff Cogen KernCA46
Duke Energy North America LLCOakland Power Plant AlamedaCA223.5
Duke Energy North America LLCMoss Landing Power Plant MontereyCA2802
Duke Energy North America LLCMorro Bay Power Plant San Luis ObispoCA1056.2
Duke Energy North America LLCSouth Bay Power Plant San DiegoCA728.9
E I Colton LLCAgua Mansa Power Plant San BernardinoCA60.5
East Bay Municipal Util DistWWTP Power Generation Station AlamedaCA6.6
East Bay Municipal Util DistPardee CalaverasCA23.6
East Bay Municipal Util DistCamanche San JoaquinCA10.8
EF Oxnard LLCE F Oxnard Energy Facility VenturaCA48.5
El Dorado CountyUnion Mine Disposal Site El DoradoCA0
El Dorado Irrigation DistrictEl Dorado El DoradoCA20
Elk Hills Power LLCElk Hills Power LLC KernCA623
Encina Joint Powers AuthorityEncina Water Pollution Control San DiegoCA1.5
Enel North America Inc.Montgomery Creek Hydro ShastaCA2.6
Enel North America Inc.Rock Creek LP EL DoradoCA3
Energy Transfer-Hanover Ven LPEthan Taft KernCA24.5
Enron Wind Systems LLC85 B KernCA21.2
Enron Wind Systems LLCVictory Garden (Tehachapi) KernCA17.6
Enron Wind Systems LLCHelzel and Schwarzhoff 88 KernCA1.8
Enron Wind Systems LLCMesa (ZPII) RiversideCA10.4
Enron Wind Systems LLCPainted Hills RiversideCA19
Enron Wind Systems LLCZCO KernCA1.6
Enron Wind Systems LLC85 A KernCA14.1
Enron Wind Systems LLCSanta Clara (85C) AlamedaCA18
Enron Wind Systems LLCHelzel and Schwarzhoff 86 KernCA2.4
Enron Wind Systems LLCMesa (ZPI) RiversideCA19.5
Enxco Service CorporationPatterson Pass AlamedaCA21.9
Enxco Service CorporationOasis Wind KernCA60
Enxco Service CorporationENXCO Wind Farm V SolanoCA60
Equilon Enterprises LLCEquilon Los Angeles Refining Los AngelesCA83
Escondido City ofBear Valley San DiegoCA1.4
ESI Mojave LLCMojave 17 KernCA25
ESI Mojave LLCMojave 16 KernCA30
ESI Mojave LLCMojave 18 KernCA30
EUI Management PH IncEUIPH Wind Farm RiversideCA25.4
Exxon Mobil Oil CorporationExxonMobil Oil Torrance Refinery Los AngelesCA49.3
Exxon Mobil Production CoExxonMobil Santa Ynez Facility Santa BarbaraCA49.3
Fairhaven Power CoFairhaven Power HumboldtCA18.8
Foster Wheeler Power Sys IncFoster Wheeler Martinez Contra CostaCA113.5
FPL Energy Cabazon WindCabazon Wind Farm RiversideCA39.7
FPL Energy Green PowerGreen Power I RiversideCA16.5
FPL Energy Mojave Op Serv LLCTPC Windfarms LLC KernCA28.7
FPL Energy Operating Serv IncBlythe Energy LLC RiversideCA591
FPL Energy Operating Services Inc.San Gorgonio Windplant WPP1993 RiversideCA34.5
FPL Energy Operating Servs IncPort of Stockton District Energy Fac San JoaquinCA54
FPLE High Winds LLCHigh Winds LLC SolanoCA162
Fresno Cogeneration PartnersFresno Cogen Partners FresnoCA54.6
Friant Power AuthorityFriant Hydro Facility FresnoCA30.6
Gas Recovery Systems IncMarsh Road Power Plant San MateoCA2
Gas Recovery Systems IncAmerican Canyon Power Plant NapaCA1.6
Gas Recovery Systems IncCoyote Canyon Steam Plant OrangeCA20
Gas Recovery Systems IncGuadalupe Power Plant Santa ClaraCA2.6
Gas Recovery Systems IncNewby Island I Santa ClaraCA2
Gas Recovery Systems IncNewby Island II Santa ClaraCA3.3
Gaylord Container CorpGaylord Container Antioch Contra CostaCA65.2
GE Wind EnergySky River Partnership KernCA76.9
General Mills Operations IncGeneral Mills Operations Lodi San JoaquinCA4.6
Georgia-Pacific West IncGeorgia Pacific Fort Bragg MendocinoCA15
Geysers Power Co LLCGeysers Unit 5-20 SonomaCA1273
Geysers Power Co LLCSonoma California Geothermal LakeCA78
Geysers Power Co LLCBear Canyon Power Plant LakeCA24.4
Geysers Power Co LLCWest Ford Flat Power Plant LakeCA38
Geysers Power Co LLCAidlin Geothermal Power Plant SonomaCA25
Geysers Power Co LLCCalistoga Power Plant LakeCA176.4
Gilroy Energy Center LLCWolfskill Energy Center SolanoCA47
Gilroy Energy Center LLCLambie Energy Center SolanoCA47
Glendale City ofGrayson Los AngelesCA340.3
Goal Line LPGoal Line LP San DiegoCA51.4
Goose Haven Energy CenterGoose Haven Energy Center SolanoCA47
Grossmont HospitalGrossmont Hospital San DiegoCA1.6
GWF Energy LLCTracy Peaker San JoaquinCA168.8
GWF Energy LLCHanford Energy Park Peaker KingsCA92.2
GWF Energy LLCHenrietta Peaker KingsCA98
GWF Power Systems LPNichols Road Power Plant Contra CostaCA20.5
GWF Power Systems LPWilbur West Power Plant Contra CostaCA20.5
GWF Power Systems LPLoveridge Road Power Plant Contra CostaCA20.5
GWF Power Systems LPWilbur East Power Plant Contra CostaCA20.5
GWF Power Systems LPEast Third Street Power Plant Contra CostaCA20.5
Handford L PHanford KingsCA27
Harbor Cogeneration Co.Harbor Cogen Los AngelesCA107.4
Haypress Hydroelectric IncHaypress Hydroelectric Inc SierraCA10
Hershey Foods CorpHershey Chocolate Confectioner StanislausCA6.2
High Desert Power Project LLCHigh Desert Power Plant San BernardinoCA852
Hitachi Global Storage TechnologiesHGST San Jose Standby Generator Santa ClaraCA55.3
Howden Wind Park IncHowden Wind Park RiversideCA28.3
Humboldt Bay Mun Water DistGosselin Hydro Plant TrinityCA2
HYPOWER INCForks of Butte Hydro Project ButteCA14.5
Imperial Irrigation DistrictDrop 1 ImperialCA5.7
Imperial Irrigation DistrictCoachella RiversideCA92.4
Imperial Irrigation DistrictEl Centro ImperialCA256
Imperial Irrigation DistrictPilot Knob ImperialCA33
Imperial Irrigation DistrictDrop 5 ImperialCA4
Imperial Irrigation DistrictRockwood ImperialCA49.8
Imperial Irrigation DistrictDrop 2 ImperialCA10
Imperial Irrigation DistrictBrawley ImperialCA23
Imperial Irrigation DistrictEast Highline ImperialCA2.4
Imperial Irrigation DistrictDrop 4 ImperialCA19.6
Imperial Irrigation DistrictDrop 3 ImperialCA9.8
Inland Paperboard and Pack'g IncInland Ontario Mill San BernardinoCA34
International Turbine Res IncDinosaur Point MercedCA17.4
IPT SRI Cogeneration IncSRI International Cogen Project San MateoCA6
Isabella PartnersIsabella Hydro Project KernCA11.8
Jefferson Smurfit Corp-SCJefferson Smurfit Santa Clara Mill Santa ClaraCA27
Jefferson Smurfit Corp (US)Smurfit Stone Los Angeles Mill Los AngelesCA43.4
Kaweah Delta HospitalKaweah Delta District Hospital TulareCA1.7
Kaweah River Power AuthorityTerminus Hydroelectric Project TulareCA20.1
Kenetech Windpower IncAltamont Pass Windplant AlamedaCA332.5
Kern River Cogeneration CoKern River Cogeneration KernCA300
KES Kingsburg LPKingsburg Cogen FresnoCA36.2
Kings River Conservation DistPine Flat FresnoCA165
Kings River Conservation DistKings River FresnoCA0
KJC Operating CoSEGS III San BernardinoCA30
KJC Operating CoSEGS IV San BernardinoCA30
KJC Operating CoSEGS V San BernardinoCA30
KJC Operating CoSEGS VI San BernardinoCA30
KJC Operating CoSEGS VII San BernardinoCA30
Kyocera America IncKyocera America Project San DiegoCA3.2
La Paloma Generating Co LLCLa Paloma Generating LLC KernCA1200
Landfill Generating PartnersSycamore San Diego San DiegoCA1.8
Landfill Generating PartnersSan Marcos San DiegoCA1.8
LAX AirportCentral Utilities Plant LAX Los AngelesCA8
Loma Linda UniversityLoma Linda University Cogen San BernardinoCA13.3
Los Angeles City ofValley Los AngelesCA1333.6
Los Angeles City ofScattergood Los AngelesCA823.2
Los Angeles City ofFranklin Los AngelesCA2
Los Angeles City ofSan Francisquito 2 Los AngelesCA42
Los Angeles City ofCottonwood InyoCA2.4
Los Angeles City ofHaynes Los AngelesCA1606
Los Angeles City ofSan Fernando Los AngelesCA5.6
Los Angeles City ofControl Gorge InyoCA37.5
Los Angeles City ofBig Pine InyoCA3.2
Los Angeles City ofHaiwee InyoCA5.6
Los Angeles City ofCastaic Los AngelesCA1331
Los Angeles City ofHarbor Los AngelesCA509
Los Angeles City ofMiddle Gorge MonoCA37.5
Los Angeles City ofSan Francisquito 1 Los AngelesCA69.3
Los Angeles City ofUpper Gorge MonoCA37.5
Los Angeles City ofFoothill Los AngelesCA11
Los Angeles City ofPleasant Valley InyoCA3.2
Los Angeles Cold StorageLos Angeles Cold Storage Los AngelesCA1.2
Los Angeles CountyCivic Center Los AngelesCA34.5
Los Angeles CountyOlive View Medical Center Los AngelesCA5.6
Los Angeles CountyPitchess Cogen Station Los AngelesCA28.3
Los Angeles County-San GabrielSan Gabriel Hydro Project Los AngelesCA5
Los Angeles County SanitationTotal Energy Facilities Los AngelesCA55
Los Angeles County SanitationSpadra Landfill Gas to Energy Los AngelesCA10.6
Los Angeles County SanitationPalos Verdes Gas to Energy Los AngelesCA13
Los Angeles County SanitationPuente Hills Energy Recovery Los AngelesCA52.8
Los Angeles County SanitationCommerce Refuse To Energy Los AngelesCA12
Los Medanos Energy Center LLCLos Medanos Energy Center Contra CostaCA678.3
Lower Tule River Irrgtn DistTulare Success Power Project TulareCA1.4
Luz Solar Partners Ltd IXSEGS IX San BernardinoCA108.2
Luz Solar Partners Ltd VIIISEGS VIII San BernardinoCA92
Madera-Chowchilla Power AuthSite 980 65 MaderaCA2.1
Malacha Hydro Ltd PartnershipMuck Valley Hydroelectric LassenCA29.9
Mark Technologies CorpAlta Mesa Project Phase IV RiversideCA0
Martinez Refining CoMartinez Refining Contra CostaCA100
Mega RenewablesHatchet Creek Project ShastaCA6.8
Mega RenewablesBidwell Ditch Project ShastaCA1.8
Merced Irrigation DistrictParker MercedCA2.7
Merced Irrigation DistrictExchequer MariposaCA94
Merced Irrigation DistrictMcSwain MariposaCA9
Metropolitan Water DistrictGreg Avenue Los AngelesCA1
Metropolitan Water DistrictSan Dimas Los AngelesCA9.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictDiamond Valley Lake RiversideCA39.6
Metropolitan Water DistrictRed Mountain San DiegoCA5.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictEtiwanda San BernardinoCA23.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictLake Mathews RiversideCA4.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictPerris RiversideCA7.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictYorba Linda OrangeCA5.1
Metropolitan Water DistrictCoyote Creek OrangeCA3.1
Metropolitan Water DistrictRio Hondo Los AngelesCA1.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictTemescal RiversideCA2.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictFoothill Feeder Los AngelesCA9
Metropolitan Water DistrictValley View OrangeCA4.1
Metropolitan Water DistrictCorona RiversideCA2.9
Metropolitan Water DistrictVenice Los AngelesCA10.1
Metropolitan Water DistrictSepulveda Canyon Los AngelesCA8.5
Mid Set Cogeneration CoMid-Set Cogeneration KernCA39.1
Midway-Sunset Cogeneration CoMidway Sunset Cogen KernCA234
Midway Power LLCTESLA Power Project AlamedaCA0
Minnesota Methane LLCMiramar Landfill Metro Biosolids Center San DiegoCA6.4
Minnesota Methane LLCMM Yolo Power LLC Facility YoloCA2.8
Minnesota Methane LLCNorth City Cogen Facility San DiegoCA3.6
Minnesota Methane LLCBKK Landfill Los AngelesCA11.7
Minnesota Methane LLCVisalia Landfill Gas Utilization Project TulareCA1.8
Minnesota Methane LLCLopez Landfill Gas Utilization Project Los AngelesCA6
Mirant Delta LLCContra Costa Contra CostaCA690
Mirant Delta LLCPittsburg Power Contra CostaCA2072
Mirant Potrero LLCPotrero Power San FranciscoCA366
Modesto Energy LPModesto Energy LP StanislausCA14.4
Modesto Irrigation DistrictMcClure StanislausCA142.4
Modesto Irrigation DistrictNew Hogan Power Plant CalaverasCA2.8
Modesto Irrigation DistrictWoodland StanislausCA148.6
Modesto Irrigation DistrictRipon Generation Station San JoaquinCA0
Mojave Cogeneration L.P.Mojave Cogen KernCA57.1
Monterey Cnty Water Res AgencyNacimiento Hydro Project MontereyCA4.2
Monterey Regional Waste MgmtMarina Landfill Gas MontereyCA3.6
Mother Energy IncThree Forks Water Power Project TrinityCA1.3
Mountainview Power Company LLCMountainview Power LLC San BernardinoCA130.6
MRWPCAMonterey Regional Water Cogen Facility MontereyCA1.5
Mt Lassen PowerMt Lassen Power LassenCA11.4
Mt Poso Cogeneration CoMt Poso Cogeneration KernCA62
Nelson Creek Power IncNelson Creek ShastaCA1.2
Nevada Irrigation DistrictRollins NevadaCA12.1
Nevada Irrigation DistrictDutch Flat 2 NevadaCA27.3
Nevada Irrigation DistrictScott Flat NevadaCA1
Nevada Irrigation DistrictChicago Park NevadaCA44
Nevada Irrigation DistrictCombie South NevadaCA1.5
Nevada Power AuthorityBowman NevadaCA3.6
North American Energy ServicesBurney Forest Products ShastaCA31
North American Power GroupUltrapower 3 Blue Lake HumboldtCA13.8
Northern California Power AgnyRoseville PlacerCA50.4
Northern California Power AgnySpicer Meadow Project TuolumneCA5.9
Northern California Power AgnyGeothermal 2 SonomaCA110
Northern California Power AgnyCollierville Powerhouse ClaverasCA253
Northern California Power AgnyCombustion Turbine Project No 2 San JoaquinCA50
Northern California Power AgnyAlameda AlamedaCA49.8
Northern California Power AgnyLodi San JoaquinCA25.2
Northern California Power AgnyGeothermal 1 SonomaCA110
Northwind Energy IncNorthwind Energy Contra CostaCA13
Nove Investments I LLCNove Power Plant Contra CostaCA3
NP Cogen IncNP Cogen Los AngelesCA32.8
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncDivision San DiegoCA16
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncNaval Station San DiegoCA26
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncEncina San DiegoCA981
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncEl Cajon San DiegoCA16
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncNorth Island San DiegoCA37
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncMiramar San DiegoCA38
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncKearny San DiegoCA149
NRG Cabrillo Power Ops IncNaval Training Center San DiegoCA16
NRG California Peaker Operations LLCRed Bluff TehamaCA46.4
NRG California Peaker Operations LLCChowchilla II MaderaCA49.6
NRG El Segundo Operations IncLong Beach Generation LLC Los AngelesCA587.4
NRG El Segundo Operations IncEl Segundo Power Los AngelesCA996.4
Oak Creek Energy System Inc IIOak Creek Energy Systems KernCA34.5
Oakdale and South San JoaquinTulloch TuolumneCA17
Oakdale and South San JoaquinDonnells TuolumneCA72
Oakdale and South San JoaquinBeardsley TuolumneCA10
Occidental of Elk Hills IncElk Hills Cogen KernCA46.6
Oildale Energy LLCOildale Cogen KernCA42.2
Olcese Water DistrictRio Bravo Hydro Project KernCA14
OMI/Thames WaterStockton Regional Water Control Facility San JoaquinCA3
Orange County Saniation DistPlant No 1 OrangeCA7.5
Orange County Saniation DistPlant No 2 OrangeCA16
ORCAL Geothermal IncHeber Geothermal ImperialCA52
ORCAL Geothermal IncSecond Imperial Geothermal ImperialCA48
Ormat Nevada IncGeo East Mesa II ImperialCA20
Ormat Nevada IncPles I MonoCA15
Ormat Nevada IncOrmesa IE ImperialCA14.4
Ormat Nevada IncMammoth Pacific II MonoCA30
Ormat Nevada IncOrmesa IH ImperialCA14.4
Ormat Nevada IncMammoth Pacific I MonoCA10
Ormat Nevada IncOrmesa II ImperialCA24
Ormat Nevada IncGeo East Mesa III ImperialCA20
Ormat Nevada IncOrmesa I ImperialCA31.2
Oroville Cogeneration LPOroville Cogeneration LP ButteCA7.7
Oxnard City ofOxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant VenturaCA1.5
P P M Energy IncPhoenix Wind Power LLC RiversideCA2.1
P P M Energy IncMountain View III RiversideCA22.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoKilarc ShastaCA3
Pacific Gas and Electric CoSouth TehamaCA6.7
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPhoenix TuolumneCA1.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 5 ShastaCA141.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoJames B Black ShastaCA168.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoWise PlacerCA16.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoMerced Falls MercedCA3.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoCow Creek ShastaCA1.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHelms Pumped Storage FresnoCA1053
Pacific Gas and Electric CoDe Sabla ButteCA18.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 1 ShastaCA69.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoOak Flat PlumasCA1.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoSpring Gap TuolumneCA6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoWest Point AmadorCA13.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 3 ShastaCA80.1
Pacific Gas and Electric CoNewcastle PlacerCA12.7
Pacific Gas and Electric CoA G Wishon MaderaCA12.8
Pacific Gas and Electric CoVolta 2 ShastaCA1
Pacific Gas and Electric CoBalch 2 FresnoCA97.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoBucks Creek PlumasCA66
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 6 ShastaCA79.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 4 ShastaCA103.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPoe ButteCA142.8
Pacific Gas and Electric CoTule River TulareCA8.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoChili Bar El DoradoCA7
Pacific Gas and Electric CoDiablo Canyon San Luis ObispoCA2323
Pacific Gas and Electric CoKerckhoff 2 FresnoCA139.5
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHamilton Branch PlumasCA5.3
Pacific Gas and Electric CoMobile GT MendocinoCA39.9
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHat Creek 2 ShastaCA10
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHat Creek 1 ShastaCA10
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHunters Point San FranciscoCA427.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoDrum 1 PlacerCA49.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoStanislaus TuolumneCA81.9
Pacific Gas and Electric CoTiger Creek AmadorCA52.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoSpaulding 2 NevadaCA3.7
Pacific Gas and Electric CoVolta 1 ShastaCA8.5
Pacific Gas and Electric CoColeman ShastaCA12.1
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHaas FresnoCA135
Pacific Gas and Electric CoButt Valley PlumasCA40
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHalsey PlacerCA13.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoInskip TehamaCA7.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoHumboldt Bay HumboldtCA102.4
Pacific Gas and Electric CoKern Canyon KernCA9.5
Pacific Gas and Electric CoSan Joaquin 2 MaderaCA2.8
Pacific Gas and Electric CoBelden PlumasCA117.9
Pacific Gas and Electric CoNarrows NevadaCA10.2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoCaribou 1 PlumasCA73.8
Pacific Gas and Electric CoAlta Powerhouse PlacerCA2
Pacific Gas and Electric CoCaribou 2 PlumasCA117.9
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPit 7 ShastaCA109.8
Pacific Gas and Electric CoElectra AmadorCA102.5
Pacific Gas and Electric CoSpaulding 1 NevadaCA7
Pacific Gas and Electric CoKings River FresnoCA48.6
Pacific Gas and Electric CoPotter Valley MendocinoCA9.4
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