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Wind Turbines by State
Unit #
Year in
Reunion PowerEXIS1999In Service80.2Wind TurbineIA
P P M Energy IncFC2003In Service43.5Wind TurbineIA
Fairmont Public Utilities WND22003In Service1Wind TurbineMN
CG Windfarm LLCI2003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Invenergy LLC32000In Service0.6Wind TurbineTN
FPL Energy Oklahoma Wind LGE152003In Service51Wind TurbineOK
Reunion PowerEXIS1998In Service107.2Wind TurbineMN
Lincoln Electric SystemG21999In Service0.6Wind TurbineNE
U S Army-Ft WainwrightGEN51989In Service5Wind TurbineAK
Enxco Service Corporation12001In Service2Wind TurbineMN
FPL Energy FPL E Mill Run g12001In Service15Wind TurbinePA
FPL Energy North Dakota WiGE162003In Service40.5Wind TurbineND
NWP Indian Mesa Wind Farm NWP22001In Service82.5Wind TurbineTX
Seawest Windpower IncGEN11981In Service1.2Wind TurbineCA
Lincoln Electric SystemG11998In Service0.6Wind TurbineNE
Wisconsin Public Service C11999In Service9.2Wind TurbineWI
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1985In Service10.4Wind TurbineCA
A B Energy IncVW11992In Service6.9Wind TurbineCA
Oak Creek Energy System InGEN31999In Service23.1Wind TurbineCA
Aelous Wind LLCV902003In Service3Wind TurbineTX
Boeve Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Navitas EnergyGEN12003In Service50.4Wind TurbineIL
AES SeaWest IncGEN12001In Service22.2Wind TurbineCA
P P M Energy IncPh 12002In Service24.5Wind TurbineOR
Coram Energy LLCSX1S1985In Service3.3Wind TurbineCA
FPLE High Winds LLC12003In Service145.8Wind TurbineCA
AES SeaWest IncGEN22002In Service25.2Wind TurbineOR
Aeroturbine Energy CorporaWT1201989In Service4.7Wind TurbineCA
Victory Garden Phase IV PaWGNS1990In Service22Wind TurbineCA
CalWind Resources IncEXI22002In Service8.3Wind TurbineCA
American Mun Power-Ohio In32003In Service1.8Wind TurbineOH
Caithness Energy LLCWGNS1987In Service18.4Wind TurbineCA
Viking Wind Projects12003In Service12Wind TurbineMN
Platte River Power Authori1A1998In Service0.6Wind TurbineWY
Waverly Municipal Elec Uti21999In Service0.7Wind TurbineIA
Northern Alternative EnergWH012001In Service1.5Wind TurbineMN
Northern Alternative EnergAB302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Garwin McNeilusGM22003In Service8Wind TurbineMN
AES SeaWest IncGEN12001In Service24.6Wind TurbineOR
Caithness Operating Co LLCWIND1998In Service34.3Wind TurbineTX
Northern Alternative EnergRR302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Northern Alternative EnergHC302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Woodstock Hills LLCWIND1999In Service10.2Wind TurbineMN
FPL Energy Wyoming Wind LLGE152003In Service144Wind TurbineWY
Oak Creek Energy System InGEN41999In Service3.7Wind TurbineCA
San Gorgonio Farms IncWND1994In Service11.6Wind TurbineCA
Seawest Windpower IncWTGS1984In Service10.9Wind TurbineCA
Swanmill Windfarm IEXIS1988In Service9.6Wind TurbineCA
ESI Mojave LLCGEN11989In Service25Wind TurbineCA
CHI Energy Inc12001In Service30Wind TurbineNY
Green Mountain Power Corp11997In Service6Wind TurbineVT
Lamar City ofT42004In Service1.5Wind TurbineCO
Invenergy LLC12000In Service0.6Wind TurbineTN
Northern Alternative EnergSR302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
San Gorgonio WindplantKenec2004In Service42Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori81999In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
Pecos Wind I LP012001In Service82Wind TurbineTX
FPL Energy South Dakota WiGE152003In Service40.5Wind TurbineSD
American Mun Power-Ohio In12004In Service1.8Wind TurbineOH
Garwin McNeilusGM32004In Service3Wind TurbineMN
Wintec Energy LtdEXIS1986In Service7.5Wind TurbineCA
Zilkha Renewable Energy NM2001In Service80Wind TurbineIA
CalWind Resources IncEXIS1997In Service14.1Wind TurbineCA
Basin Electric Power CoopWTC12001In Service1.3Wind TurbineSD
Oak Creek Energy System InGEN21993In Service4.2Wind TurbineCA
Blue Canyon Windpower LLCEW2003In Service74.3Wind TurbineOK
Fairmont Public Utilities WND12003In Service1Wind TurbineMN
SeaWest WindpowerGEN11999In Service41.4Wind TurbineWY
FPL Energy Hancock County V-472002In Service98Wind TurbineIA
Enron Wind Systems LLCWTGN1985In Service21.2Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori61999In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1986In Service1.8Wind TurbineCA
American Mun Power-Ohio In22003In Service1.8Wind TurbineOH
Hawaii Electric Light Co I82111985In Service0.6Wind TurbineHI
Northern Alternative EnergJH302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Apollo Energy CorpGEN11987In Service9.2Wind TurbineHI
El Paso Electric CoEXIS2001In Service1.3Wind TurbineTX
WindPower Partners 1994 WIND1995In Service33.6Wind TurbineTX
Invenergy LLC22000In Service0.6Wind TurbineTN
FPL Energy LLCWT12002In Service66Wind TurbineWV
Northern Alternative EnergLJT2003In Service1.8Wind TurbineMN
Cedar Falls City of11998In Service0.7Wind TurbineIA
GE Wind EnergyWGNS1991In Service76.9Wind TurbineCA
AES SeaWest IncGENI2001In Service44.4Wind TurbineCA
Coram Energy LLCSX1S1985In Service0.1Wind TurbineCA
Redwood Falls Public Util WND12004In Service1.7Wind TurbineMN
Altamont Power LLCEXIS1985In Service28.7Wind TurbineCA
Moorhead City of81999In Service0.7Wind TurbineMN
CHI Energy IncV472000In Service6.6Wind TurbineNY
Hawkeye Power Partners LLC48M1999In Service42Wind TurbineIA
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1986In Service2.4Wind TurbineCA
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1981In Service17.6Wind TurbineCA
Enxco Service CorporationWND21987In Service13.8Wind TurbineCA
AES SeaWest IncGEN12000In Service16.8Wind TurbineWY
Ridgetop Energy LLC IIWGN11994In Service46.8Wind TurbineCA
P P M Energy IncCG2003In Service162Wind TurbineCO
Northern Alternative EnergZR2003In Service1.8Wind TurbineMN
AES SeaWest IncGEN11985In Service21.7Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori31998In Service0.1Wind TurbineWY
KBR Rural Public Power Dis21998In Service0.7Wind TurbineNE
Shell Wind Energy Inc.V-472002In Service41Wind TurbineCA
Public Service Co of Color302001In Service9Wind TurbineCO
Shell Wind Energy Inc.GEN12003In Service160Wind TurbineTX
FPL Energy Vansycle LLCV-472001In Service180.2Wind TurbineWA
Delaware Mountain LP011999In Service30Wind TurbineTX
Enxco Service CorporationWND11985In Service8.1Wind TurbineCA
Coram Energy LLCSX15198420041Wind TurbineCA
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1984In Service19.5Wind TurbineCA
Mission Iowa WindEXIS1999In Service112.5Wind TurbineIA
BandK Energy Systems LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
MidAmerican Energy CoINWF2004In Service160.5Wind TurbineIA
Platte River Power Authori91999In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
TPC 3/5 Inc.GEN11990In Service23.5Wind TurbineCA
Minwind Energy LLC12002In Service3.8Wind TurbineMN
Somerset Windpower LLCEW2001In Service9Wind TurbinePA
Waverly Municipal Elec Uti31999In Service0.7Wind TurbineIA
Northern Alternative EnergSU302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Wisconsin Electric Power C11999In Service0.6Wind TurbineWI
Pecos Wind II LP012001In Service78Wind TurbineTX
Energy Northwest12002In Service63.7Wind TurbineWA
FPL Energy Mojave Op Serv EXIS1986In Service28.7Wind TurbineCA
AES SeaWest IncGEN11999In Service24.8Wind TurbineWY
Platte River Power Authori51999In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
Garwin McNeilusGM12002In Service32Wind TurbineMN
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1986In Service18Wind TurbineCA
Minwind Energy LLC12004In Service11.5Wind TurbineMN
Difwind Farms Ltd VIIIEXIS1987In Service15Wind TurbineCA
Westar EnergyJ11999In Service0.7Wind TurbineKS
Kas Brothers Windfarm LLCg12001In Service1.5Wind TurbineMN
Seawest Windpower IncGEN11999In Service2.1Wind TurbineCA
Wisconsin Public Service C11998In Service1.2Wind TurbineWI
Lake Benton Power Part II EXIS1999In Service103.5Wind TurbineMN
FPL Energy Upton Wind LPEXIS2001In Service278Wind TurbineTX
Hawaii Electric Light Co I1-811985In Service1.6Wind TurbineHI
ESI Mojave LLCGEN11989In Service30Wind TurbineCA
K-Brink Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Tofteland Windfarm LLCI2003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
ESI Vansycle Partners LPWGNS1998In Service25Wind TurbineOR
Southern Calif Sunbelt DevWGNS1985In Service11Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergAH302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Desert Sky Wind Farm LP12002In Service160.5Wind TurbineTX
AES SeaWest IncGEN21984In Service3.4Wind TurbineCA
Garwin McNeilus12003In Service14Wind TurbineMN
Moorhead City of92001In Service0.7Wind TurbineMN
Enxco Service Corporation12004In Service60Wind TurbineCA
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1985In Service1.6Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergJR302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Kotzebue Electric Assn Inc2WT1999In Service0.1Wind TurbineAK
TPC 3/5 Inc.GEN11990In Service29Wind TurbineCA
Enxco Service CorporationGEN21990In Service60Wind TurbineCA
Ponnequin Acquisitions LLEXIS1998In Service5.2Wind TurbineCO
Northwind Energy IncGEN11986In Service13Wind TurbineCA
Windland IncWING1982In Service16Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergHR302000In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Invenergy LLC42004In Service27Wind TurbineTN
FPL Energy Operating ServiEXIS1994In Service21.9Wind TurbineMN
Platte River Power Authori71999In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1985In Service19Wind TurbineCA
Waymart Wind LPGE152003In Service64.5Wind TurbinePA
TG Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Difwind Farms Ltd IIEXIS1986In Service5.5Wind TurbineCA
Difwind Farms Ltd VIEXIS1987In Service27.1Wind TurbineCA
Cameron Ridge LLCEXIS1984In Service59.6Wind TurbineCA
Badger Windpower LLCER152002In Service30Wind TurbineWI
Madison Gas and Electric C11999In Service11Wind TurbineWI
Kenetech Windpower IncGEN11983In Service332.5Wind TurbineCA
Westar EnergyJ21999In Service0.7Wind TurbineKS
AES SeaWest IncGEN11999In Service43.4Wind TurbineCA
FPL Energy Cabazon WindWGNS1999In Service39.7Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori112000In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
Windcurrent Farms LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Garwin McNeilus22004In Service10Wind TurbineMN
AES SeaWest IncGEN11999In Service1.8Wind TurbineWY
Coram Energy LLCGEWE2003In Service4.5Wind TurbineCA
Bisson Windfarm LLCI2003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Edison CapitalNMO11999In Service11.2Wind TurbineMN
Enron Wind Systems LLCWGNS1985In Service14.1Wind TurbineCA
Cedar Falls City of21998In Service0.7Wind TurbineIA
FPLE High Winds LLC22003In Service16.2Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori2A1998In Service0.6Wind TurbineWY
Ridgetop Energy LLCWGN11984In Service31.1Wind TurbineCA
Public Service Co of Color81999In Service15.4Wind TurbineCO
DL Windy Acres LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Howden Wind Park Inc11996In Service28.3Wind TurbineCA
FPL Energy North Dakota WiGE152003In Service21Wind TurbineND
Shell Wind Energy Inc.12002In Service61.5Wind TurbineCA
P P M Energy IncPW1999In Service2.1Wind TurbineCA
Lamar City ofT1-T32004In Service4.5Wind TurbineCO
FPL Energy Pennsylvania WiN602000In Service10.4Wind TurbinePA
TPC 3/5 Inc.GEN11990In Service22.5Wind TurbineCA
Fairmont Public Utilities WND32004In Service1.7Wind TurbineMN
Basin Electric Power CoopWTC22001In Service1.3Wind TurbineSD
Babcock and Brown Power Op12004In Service60Wind TurbineNM
FPL Energy New Mexico WindGE152003In Service204Wind TurbineNM
West Texas Wind Egy Ptnrs 011999In Service75Wind TurbineTX
Difwind Farms Ltd VIIGEN11987In Service24Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergSH302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Northern Alternative EnergSPP2003In Service1.6Wind TurbineMN
Basin Electric Power CoopMWP2003In Service2.6Wind TurbineND
SandP Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
AES SeaWest IncGEN12001In Service50Wind TurbineWY
Sacramento Municipal Util 11994In Service13.2Wind TurbineCA
Eurus Combine Hills I LLC0012003In Service41Wind TurbineOR
Edison Capital61501999In Service11.8Wind TurbineMN
ESI Mojave LLCGEN11989In Service30Wind TurbineCA
FPL Energy Operating ServiGEN31994In Service34.5Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergFH302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Babcock and Brown Power OpSW12003In Service37.5Wind TurbineTX
Difwind Farms Ltd VEXIS1987In Service11.7Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergTN302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Difwind Farms Ltd IEXIS1986In Service7.3Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergJM302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
Fey Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
International Turbine Res WTGS1988In Service17.4Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergA11998In Service1.2Wind TurbineMN
Wisconsin Electric Power C21999In Service0.6Wind TurbineWI
Madison Windpower LLCMADW2000In Service11.5Wind TurbineNY
Kotzebue Electric Assn Inc1WT1999In Service0.6Wind TurbineAK
Westwind TrustWIN11986In Service16Wind TurbineCA
Oak Creek Energy System InGEN11982In Service3.5Wind TurbineCA
Chanarambie Power PartnersWND12003In Service85.5Wind TurbineMN
Texas Wind Power CoEXIS2001In Service80Wind TurbineTX
EUI Management PH IncEXIS1985In Service25.4Wind TurbineCA
CalWind Resources IncEXIS1984In Service8.7Wind TurbineCA
Northern Alternative EnergWS302001In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
San Gorgonio Farms IncWGEN1984In Service29Wind TurbineCA
Enxco Service Corporation12001In Service2Wind TurbineMN
FPL Energy Green PowerWGNS1975In Service16.5Wind TurbineCA
Platte River Power Authori102000In Service0.7Wind TurbineWY
FPL Energy Oklahoma Wind LGSOO2003In Service51Wind TurbineOK
Trent Wind Farm LPWTG12001In Service150Wind TurbineTX
Northern Alternative EnergTL302000In Service1.9Wind TurbineMN
FPL Energy Vansycle LLCV-472001In Service83.2Wind TurbineOR
Algona City ofIDWG2000In Service2.3Wind TurbineIA
P P M Energy IncV472003In Service22.4Wind TurbineCA
Cedar Falls City of31998In Service0.7Wind TurbineIA
Seawest Windpower IncGEN11983In Service5.7Wind TurbineCA
Gray County Wind Energy LLV472002In Service112Wind TurbineKS
Westridge Windfarm LLC12003In Service2Wind TurbineMN
Seawest Windpower IncGEN11983In Service4.2Wind TurbineCA
KBR Rural Public Power Dis11998In Service0.7Wind TurbineNE
Bay Windpower LLCBAY2001In Service1.8Wind TurbineMI
Coram Energy LLCSX151985In Service1.4Wind TurbineCA
Enxco Service CorporationA12001In Service29.7Wind TurbineCO
Municipal Energy Agency of12002In Service10.5Wind TurbineNE
FPL Energy Meyersdale WindGE152003In Service33Wind TurbinePA
American Mun Power-Ohio In42004In Service1.8Wind TurbineOH
Swanmill Windfarm IEXI21989In Service9.1Wind TurbineCA
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